Stop making false promises

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May 17, 2013

My friend, let me commence by asking to you a simple, straightforward question. Do you make a whole lot of promises, both to yourself to do something important, and to others who wish you to do something important for them, family members, friends, employers, employees, customers? Now, I'm sure that the answer to that question is in the affirmative for everyone as we all make promises, both to ourself and others on a regular basis. Now, here's a follow up question which is really important. Do you keep the promises you make both to yourself and others? Now please be completely honest as you answer that most important question. Quite frankly, I believe that we all know a whole lot of people who unfortunately are always making promises, which they know in their heart and soul, they have no intention whatsoever of keeping.
That's right, many, many people are continuously making promises, which they really have no intention whatsoever of keeping -- what a terrible sham! To all of those people I say stop making false promises. Stop trying to kid yourself and others, that you're going to take some form of action, when you know that you have absolutely no intention whatsoever in carrying out the actions you've promised to do. This really is a rather pathetic case of deliberately lying, in order to pretend to ourself and other unsuspecting individuals that we're going to take certain actions, which we know full well we will not carry out. Yes indeed stop making false promises.
First and foremost stop making false promises to yourself. That's right, stop saying that you're going to start to study, you'll definitely get a job, stop taking drugs, etc., when you have no intention whatsoever of doing any of these things. As Shakespeare put it "To thine own self be true." For God's sake stop making false promises to your children, as this is most damaging to them as they will not trust anyone when they grow up. Stop making false promises to your spouse or significant other, which you know you won't keep. Be faithful to the promises you make to that special person in your life. Take your marriage vows seriously otherwise simply stay single and continue to play the field, as the saying goes.
Yes indeed, today's message is so very important to literally everyone, stop making false promises which you know you will not keep and that of course includes to your creator God, whom we make so many promises to, which once again we do not keep.

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News date : 05/17/2013    Category : Entertainment, Nassau Guardian Stories

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