E-Commerce has grown over the last decade and even more so due to the COVID 19 pandemic that hit the world.

Just think how you used to purchase or order products or services ten years ago.

Highlights / Benefits
  • Get your products/services found online
  • Have your own eShopping store
  • Accept online payments
  • Delivery options available
  • Your products/services listed on BahamasLocal.com
Types of E-Commerce

There are 4 types of ecommerce. Business to Consumer, Buiness to Business, Consumer to Business and Consumer to Consumer.   

Set up is easy

See how easy it is to have an E-Commerce system added to your website, have it as a standalone shopping system, add it to your BahamasLocal.com listing page. You can also have your very own mobile app.

  • Your eShopping can be set up as little as 2-3 days, depending on your products or services that you offer
  • We have various packages starting from $1 per transaction
  • Set up fee for eShopping starts from $499.00
  • Monthly fee from $49.99
  • Our native mobile apps start from $99.99
  • Full support, maintenance and hosting will be included in the fees.

BahamasLocal.com eShopping System

Wanting to offer your products online? BahamasLocal.com has the solution, as the nation’s only true search engine with the largest online information resource! We have developed an online order and delivery system that will minimize all the effort and time for the customer searching for products. Our back office will allow you to track the order of the customer so that you can prepare it and have it ready for delivery, pick up or curb side pickup.

Online Registration for Customer
Login system for admin managers, staff, and customers
Online catalog of your products, shopping cart, checkout, and payment options
Admin dashboard and inventory management along with statistical graphs
Search Engine Friendly online ordering system
Responsive Design: We will build and deliver a responsive system that will automatically adjust the platform to an optimal experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones) the system will be fully compatible with all browsers.
(CMS) for updating and changing data on the online ordering system
Modern and easy to extend
Your products will also be available for sale on BahamasLocal.com

The benefits to a BahamasLocal.com e-shopping system are:

  • Shopping solution for all Islands of The Bahamas
  • Free Website (if needed)
  • Instant exposure -> all products will be displayed on BahamasLocal.com
  • Instant search -> all products can be searched and found on BahamasLocal.com
  • All products will be added to the BahamasLocal.com shopping app
  • Optional -> dedicated native Android or iOS app

Your products being found on BahamasLocal.com is one of the biggest advantages.

eShopping Packages
Silver Gold Platinum
Items / Products / Services 1-50 51-100 Unlimited
Accept Cash
Cash on Delivery/Pick Up, Direct Deposit
Yes Yes Yes
Delivery Module - - Yes
Accept Credit Cards
Charge Anywhere, Plug N Pay, First Atlantic
- Yes Yes
Digital Wallet
Suncash, Sand Dollar
- Yes Yes
Online Order Tracking - Yes Yes
What Our Customer's Are Saying...
Maz on behalf of the GHS Class of 1987, we would like to express our sincere thanks for your assistance getting out press release posted, much appreciated.

Regards, Kevin Harris - Alumni Chairman

Thanks to bahamaslocal.com we have not only aqcuired a large local following who was able to locate us very easily from the site, but also an international following , that pre-orders before trips to the bahamas, reserves catering services, and sends gifts to local friends and family from abroad.

It is a wonderful and easy way to attract local and international clients to any business, whether small or large, and We love it! Two thumbs up....Great Job!

Jameel Lightbourn - CEO - Cheesecake Heaven

If you're a Bahamian away from home or just a lover of the Bahamas and feel like you're missing out on the many wonderful events that take place there, look no further...BahamasLocal.com Live Streaming puts you right into the action. Their team is made up of a great group of people eager to provide their viewers with an awesome interactive experience. They provide great footage and sound and will even give you a fun shout out on the air.
Thank you BahamasLocal.com, you helped bring back some great memories for me during Junkanoo 2011.

Can't wait to tune in for your next show! Evelyn Vaccaro - TV Host/Producer - Hollywood, CA - VaccaroProductions.com

I am one of BahamasLocal's biggest fans and endorser! I have gotten tremendous traffic to my businesses (Garden Well Spa, PTG Marketing & Modeling Agency) through your service!!! I've been telling all my business comrades to join....
Wow man! I usually got most of my international business through Kerzner referrals, but this year most of my international modeling work has come through BahamasLocal.com........

Pia Rolle - PTG Marketing & Modeling Agency / Garden Well Spa
Monthly BahamasLocal.com Traffic Statistics
  • Business listings viewed per month: 1,500,000
  • Categories viewed per month: 120,000
  • Tags searches found: 400,000
  • Total Pages viewed per month: 4,000,000
  • Unique Visitors per month: 510,000
  • Total Advertiser Promotional Banner Impressions: 300,000,000
  • Total News Articles Viewed per month 900,000
  • Total Hits: 28,000,000
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who's behind BahamasLocal.com?

The founder and CEO behind BahamasLocal.com is Jason McDowall who has lived in the Bahamas for over 15 years. Jason is the computer analyst and developer of the project.

Where do the visitors to BahamasLocal.com come from?

The average monthly breakdown of our visitors is as follows:

  • Bahamas 50%
  • USA: 35%
  • Canada: 5%
  • Europe: 5%
  • Other: 5%

To list my business is free, why would I pay to advertise?

A free listing includes your basic contact and company information. An advertising campaign allows you to show your promotional message throughout BahamasLocal.com, as well as make several enhancements and add additional information about your business.

Is BahamasLocal.com the most popular Bahamian based website?

The number of visitors on BahamasLocal.com consistently ranks it in the top few Bahamian based websites. We are by far the highest ranking "portal" and source for information on Bahamian businesses.

How do I know the traffic statistics provided to me by BahamasLocal.com are accurate?

At the beginning of each advertising campaign, we will sign an affidavit that our traffic statistics are accurate and collected consistent with industry best practices.

Can I change my contact details at anytime or am I stuck for 12 months like in the Telephone Book?

You can change your contact and company information as frequently as you wish.

What happens if BahamasLocal.com does not meet their performance guarantees?

In the very unlikely scenario that we do not meet our performance guarantees, we will provide your next month of advertising for free and allow you to cancel the agreement without notice if we still don't meet our guaranteed performance standards.

Can I cancel my advertising agreement at any time?

Yes. Every agreement has a standard "no questions asked" 1-month cancellation clause.

Newspaper and Radio have worked well for me in the past, why do I need BahamasLocal.com?

Both newspaper and radio are still an important part of the Bahamian media landscape. Internet Advertising has now become an important advertising medium as well and should be considered as part of the overall exposure for your business.

Where is BahamasLocal.com located?

We loacted on Shirely Street in Nassau, Bahamas, right after the BMW & Hyundai car showrooms.

Internet Companies "come and go", how do I know that BahamasLocal.com will be around for the length of my advertising campaign?

The development of BahamasLocal.com started in April, 2006 and officially launched in April, 2009. BahamasLocal.com is in the Internet Advertising industry, but we are run prudently with a professional office, quality shareholders & management with sufficient funding and cashflow to be sure that business remains a going concern.