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UPDATED: Four in custody over John Bull heist

Tue, Jul 31st 2018, 10:00 PM


FOUR people are in police custody in connection with the heist of John Bull in Grand Bahama last week, Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said Tuesday. He did not clarify whether any of the four will be charged before the courts with the theft of nearly $1m in merchandise.

FOUR people are in police custody in connection with the heist of John Bull in Grand Bahama last week, Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said Tuesday.

He did not clarify whether any of the four will be charged before the courts with the theft of nearly $1m in merchandise.


Paradise Plates Tickets Now on Sale

Paradise Plates Tickets Now on Sale

Tue, Jul 31st 2018, 05:10 PM

One of Nassau’s most highly-anticipated charity events - Paradise Plates - will return this fall on September 29, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. in the Imperial Ballroom, Atlantis. 

Hosted annually by Hands for Hunger, last year the charitable event sold out and drew a crowd of over 1,200 foodies and supporters of good causes alike for a memorable evening.

Hands For Hunger and its culinary partners take guests’ taste buds on a tour of the rich and diverse culinary and mixology scene with delicious sample dishes and beverages, while enjoying live entertainment, music and more, all to benefit hunger alleviation and food waste elimination.

As the organization recognizes ten years of service in the community, Paradise Plates 2018 promises to be a festive event.

“We look forward to Paradise Plates every year, it’s become an opportunity to celebrate the milestones we have reached and the community that has supported us in our mission to end hunger in The Bahamas,” said Zeleka Knowles, Executive Director of Hands for Hunger.

Guests of the event will once again enjoy culinary partners showcasing a lavish array of gourmet food prepared by top local chefs from Nassau’s premier restaurants,along with leading vintners, brewers and beverage purveyors who will create signature cocktails for event guests to enjoy.

The event will also feature an enhanced experience for VIP ticket holders for patrons who wish to make a greater impact on the organization.

In addition to the all inclusive aspect of the Guest Experience, the VIP Experience will include exclusive early access, a gift bag, a signature drink and a private catered VIP section.

“This year we come together to commemorate a decade of service to those in need.

There is no better way to mark the occasion than with an incredible Paradise Plates event, that celebrates our work and raises funds to support the year ahead,” said Knowles.

JetBlue has increased its support as the 2018 Title Sponsor of Paradise Plates. The event is also presented by ALIV and TradeZero. Other top sponsoring partners include: Atlantis Resort, Zamar Productions, Sign Island and Bahamas Local.

Paradise Plates tickets are now available and can be purchased online at or in person at the Hands For Hunger office in The New Providence Community Centre on Blake Road and at Bahamas Vision Centre in The Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza.

Guest Experience tickets are $200. VIP Experience tickets are $300. All proceeds from this event benefit Hands For Hunger.

Hands for Hunger is a registered not-for-profit Bahamian charity (#57211C) led by a volunteer Board of Directors, a small staff and fueled by the efforts of over 1,800 dedicated volunteers.

Hands For Hunger depends on corporate partners, community/civic groups and the generosity of the Bahamian community to perform its mission.

Ministry Health and Bahamas Nurses Union

Ministry Health and Bahamas Nurses Union

Tue, Jul 31st 2018, 04:23 PM

The Ministry of Health is pleased to update the public on the progress being made relative to its on-going discussions with The Bahamas Nurses Union (BNU), which represents Nurses within the PHA, as well as, those employed directly within the Public Service.

With regard to the PHA, all matters regarding outstanding payments to members of BNU by the Authority have been addressed. The only matter outstanding is payment to staff in Grand Bahama, resulting from the fire at the Rand. These payments will be made in August 2018. The Authority was awaiting a response from the Union regarding a proposal to eliminate the nursing shortage at the various hospitals in New Providence (P.M.H. and S.R.C.) and Grand Bahama Health Services. To eliminate the nursing shortage within these hospitals, PHA will implement a five-on/two-off shift system for night duty nurses, which will effectively re-align work schedules to 8 hours and improve service delivery to the Bahamian public. Respectfully, the Union was given the requisite one month’s notice prior to the implementation of this shift system.

Nurses employed directly within Public Service had some fourteen (14) issues that required the Government’s attention. The majority of which have been amicably resolved, namely:

 Mileage Allowance;

 2018 Confirmation Exercise (56 of 72 completed) with sixteen (16) at the Ministry of Public Service being processed (the change salaries and payment of arrears will occur during the August 2018 pay period);

 Vehicles being purchased or leased for Family Island and Special Services Nurses;

 Cleaning of Abaco and Exuma Clinics; and  Casual Leave only for Nurses at the level of NO II and higher.

Hazard Allowance for Nurses assigned to Her Majesty’s Correctional Centre is not necessary as they have medical insurance.

The issues still outstanding require due diligence and verification before payments can be made. These include: payment, at special project rate, of Nurses who worked during and after the passage of Hurricane Irma; the 2018/2019 payment of accelerated increment and promotion exercise for Nurses who have obtained additional qualifications during the past two (2) years; and review of all allowances and claims of overtime for payment of arrears.

Always being mindful of the need to ensure the health and safety of staff, the Ministry is actively crafting the protocols for the establishment of a Health & Safety Committee. Additionally, the Ministry is conducting a review of its capacity to address the security of those who must work either on-call or during unsocial hours, especially in the Family Islands.

Additionally, the Ministry will make payment for the increase in the Uniform Allowance of $50 per month, effective 1 st July 2018, during August 2018 pay period.

The Government is appreciative of its many dedicated Nurses who, on a daily basis, go beyond the call of duty. The Government is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all staff who work to provide the optimal level of health and wellbeing of all persons in The Bahamas

Industry Professionals Mentor Young Talent

Industry Professionals Mentor Young Talent

Tue, Jul 31st 2018, 02:32 PM

MAVS, the Musicians, Artists and Vocalists Showcase, creates platforms for musicians, vocalists, dancers, visual and spoken-word artists to gain meaningful industry connections and the opportunity for large-scale exposure.

The organization facilitates opportunities for networking, collaboration and communal learning with the influence of its mentors such as Dyson and Wendi Knight, Lee Callender, Fred Fergsuon, MDeez, Robert Bain, Philece Roberts, and B’Jon Da Poet.

MAVS aims to motivate, educate and accelerate young, undiscovered artists through a series of free educational workshops and their annual Summer Festival, a concert which headlines the participants.

“Mentorship in music is key and MAVS is on the cutting edge in ensuring that future musicians are equipped for our industry” says Wendi Knight, Bahamian Icon Award Winner.

The mentors donate their time in hopes of bridging the gap between generations and connecting lives through the arts.

The fourth annual MAVS Summer Festival will be held on Sunday, August 5, 2018 in Pompey Square, downtown Nassau.

The organization was founded in 2015 by twenty-five year old musician, Victor Johnson.

According to Johnson, MAVS allows him to serve the community by helping to connect fellow young artists with like-minded individuals and exposing them to seasoned professionals.

“It is not a competition, and there are no prizes.

We just want to create opportunities and nurture relationships for these artists,” says Johnson.

“An organization or program like MAVS is timely, necessary and it can only do good things if the artists take advantage of what it’s supposed to be” says Fred Ferguson, Cacique Award Winner.

When participants leave the program, MAVS hopes to have imparted knowledge that will equip them to become savvy industry professionals who have fine-tuned their skill sets within their particular fields.

“Professionalism and exposure are two essentials to success in the music industry internationally and MAVS delivers this exceptionally well” says Dyson Knight, front line vocalist with Bahamen and Visage.

Over twenty young Bahamians between the ages of sixteen and thirty will be highlighted this year at the festival.

The MAVS website was flooded with dozens of talented submissions. Those who emerged on top were visual artists Burchaino Archer, Aaliyah Davis, Lyndera Hall, Justin Moultrie, and Eddion Whyms; dancers Marciano Darling, Chelsea Johnson, and Lenelle Sawyer; rappers Julian Gibson, Teddy Hutcheson, and Alexandria Marshall; bands Foreign Sound and Paradise Jazz; instrumentalists Alden Chisholm and Bursel Gibson; vocalists Marvincia Adderley, Agajuan Culmer, Rashad Cunningham, Sherwood Rahming, Kenique Storr, and Joel Sweeting, and spoken word artist Andrew Gomez and Willard Barr.

The MAVS experience began on June 14 with a meet and greet for those selected and will culminate with the grand finale, MAVS Summer Festival on Sunday, August 5.

The mentors are all passionate about preserving the culture of the arts for future Bahamian creatives.

This allowed the organization to hold field specific workshops giving the participants one on one time with the mentors. 

International award winning artists Dyson and Wendi Knight hosted an intimate, two-part workshop on becoming self-assured performers for all genres. Experienced song writer, producer and reggae artist Davon “MDeez” Knight focused on developing an engaging stage presence.

3In demand proprietor of The Singer’s Loft and seasoned Bahamian pianist, Lee Callender, offered coaching.

Highly skilled, artistic director at The National Dance Company of The Bahamas, Robert Bain offered critiques to the dancers.

Original member of Bahamen and current band leader of Tingum Dem, Fred Ferguson offered his expertise to the bands.

Internationally renowned visual artist and illustrator Philece Roberts conducted an engaging and interactive session with the visual artists, and award winning poet B’Jon Bain inspired the spoken-word artists.

Highlights of the MAVS experience included an Artist Development Seminar themed “Presenting Your Brand To The World” which featured insight from media personality Ianthia Smith, and image consultant Cardell McClam.

Also Sammie “Starr” Poitier, entertainment manager at Albany Bahamas, allowed the group a tour of The Sanctuary, an internationally acclaimed, state of the art recording studio.

It has been open less than a year and has already drawn several high-profile clients because of the cutting edge technology offered.

MAVS Summer Festival 2018 promises to be an exciting event with dynamic live bands, spectacular vocalists, thought-provoking spoken word artists, skilled dancers, and talented visual artists creating live paintings during the event.

Entry is free to all events hosted by the organization and there is no registration fee for participants.

According the Johnson, “we want to show our local community and visitors just what The Bahamas has to offer.”

By Jaton Martin