Bamsi Produces Hydroponic Lettuce and Other Greens

February 20, 2017

THE Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) has introduced hydroponically grown lettuce and leafy greens to its produce line. All of the products are being grown in a 65,000 square foot shade house on BAMSI’s North Andros...

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Bamsi Produces Shines at Health and Wellness Fair

February 20, 2017

AS one of several vendors at Atlantic Medical’s Health and Wellness Fair, held at Charlotte House, the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) received a slew of questions and interest from participants anxious to try out the native delicacies...

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Pelican Bay Open for Business & Love!

February 17, 2017

Internationally accepted as the month of love, February is shaping up to be particularly special for visitors to Grand Bahama’s Happiest Hotel, as local and international guests are invited to Find Love this Valentine’s Day with the first ever Scavenger Hunt Competition...

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Sargento recalls cheeses amidst Listeria fears

February 13, 2017

The Bahamas Ministry of Health addressed a recent recall of various Sargento cheese products that may potentially be contaminated with Listeria Monday, February 13, 2017, via a Facebook post.

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Bamsi Recruits International Specialist in Field Bio Technology-And He is a Bahamian

February 09, 2017

BAHAMIAN EXPERT IN FEED BIO TECHNOLOGY RETURNS HOME TO WORK WITH BAMSI...WITH over a decade of research and field work in feed biotechnology, Dr. Jason Sands brings a wealth of international experience, industry...

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Government Realizes Significant Return on its $20 Million Investment in BAMSI

January 27, 2017

MINISTER of Agriculture & Marine Resources Alfred Gray on Wednesday justified the more than $20 million investment the Government made in the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI), pointing to the returns of a growing employment rate...

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Popeyes Opens Second Location in Carmichael Road
Popeyes Opens Second Location in Carmichael Road

December 29, 2016

Nearly one year after introducing the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen franchise to the Bahamas with the opening of its flagship restaurant in Prince Charles, Popeyes has opened its second location in Carmichael Road...

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Women’s Corona Society of The Bahamas Donates to Bahamas Feeding Network

December 14, 2016

During a recently held luncheon, the Women’s Corona Society of The Bahamas, an international women’s club providing support and promoting friendships of women of all nations, gave a generous donation to the Bahamas Feeding Network...

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Customs Temporarily Ceases Clearance of Rice Into Jamaica Amid Plastic Rice Reports

December 12, 2016

The Customs department has announced it’s temporarily ceasing the clearance of rice at all ports of entry following reports of so called plastic rice on the market...

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Food hightlighting wine

December 09, 2016

Justin and Landmark Vineyards Wines jumpstarted the festive season showcasing how their wines are generally good pairings for a wide range of foods -- and just in time for those persons who may not have thought about having wine with their holiday meal, and to offer an alternative selection for those persons that may be considering what to serve.
Justin Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Landmark Overlook Chardonnay 2013, Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Justin Justification 2012 were highlighted at a specially curated five-course wine and food pairing recently at a dinner hosted at The Poop Deck at Sandyport by Justin and Landmark Vineyards master sommelier Joseph Spellman, and FIJI Water-Justin-Landmark Vineyards General Manager Caribbean Carmen Del Rio; and Rhys Campbell vice president, corporate affairs and strategic planning at Bristol Group of Companies.
The goal of the pairing wasn't to channel thought into particular food or wine ideas, but to create an overall impression of high quality according to Spellman.
The master sommelier said through curated pairing dinners they hope people remember their wines, which can be found in the local market at Bristol Wines & Spirits.
"It helps that we have well thought through food preparations that highlight the wines," said Spellman.
Justin Sauvignon Blanc 2015 was paired with a conch fusion (julienned strips of conch, sweet onions, bell peppers and tomato with mango slashes and citrus sauce with balsamic) for many elements that moved beautifully together -- a little tart acidity as well as a little sweetness made for an interesting contrast -- that was delicious. Some of the broader flavors of the Sauvignon Blanc were allowed to come out with the conch fusion pairing.
Landmark Overlook Chardonnay 2013 was paired with a richer seafood preparation -- lobster salad, salmon ceviche, and avocado with lobster sauce. It was a great pairing. The richness of the flavor benefitted the Chardonnay significantly due to it being lower in acidity.
The versatile wine can be served with any number of styles of poultry, whether roast chicken or lighter duck preparation, even a Christmas ham, according to Spellman.
Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 was paired with duck (pan-seared duck breast with piamontes potatoes and gremolata sauce.) It was a rich starch dish with a lot of flavor and medium-rare duck meat that tasted great with the Cabernet Sauvignon.
A wine with great options, the master sommelier said it's perfect for the holdiays and pairs well also with pork roast and is fantastic with steak.
Justin Justification 2012 was served with the lamb (mini lamb chop on grilled vegetable medley with a cracked pepper and tomato and sweet basil sauce) on the evening because it's a more structured and more herb-infused wine. It made for a fantastic pairing as it offered more acid and tartness, but didn't overwhelm with tannins or alcohol.
Champagne paired with a passion fruit mousse mango ended the meal.
While he does not impose his will or thoughts on people when it comes to enjoyment of wines, Spellman said through wine and food pairing dinners he hopes to leave guests with the thought that Landmark Wines and Justin Wines are generally good pairing for a wide range of foods.
"It's a curious sequence of dynamic back and forth that we have with our sensual apparatus that helps us decide whether there's pleasure or not, and ultimately we want people to find that there's pleasure in the evening."

Justin Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Color: Star bright, pale straw with silver highlights
Aroma: Lemon and tropical fruit elements of guava and pineapple with subtle orange peel, and fresh herbal notes including chamomile flower.
Palate: Dry, crisp and refreshing. The finish is bright and clean, with a slight mineral texture.
Food pairings: Great match for a variety of food pairing from tapas like seared pardon peppers, gazpacho, fried calamari with a squeeze of lemon, or with freshly grilled fish with a citrus, mango, cilantro salsa with just a hint of jalapeno for fun.

Landmark Overlook Chardonnay 2013
Color: Medium gold core
Aroma: Intense aromas of ripe stone fruit, white peach and nectarine, mandarin orange, jasmine blossom, and cloves.
Palate: Medium body with bright acidity.
Food pairings: Pairs well with dishes that do not overpower its delicate aromatics such as sushi, grilled prawns with a fresh garden salad, summer vegetable terrine, lobster rolls and fava bean pasta salad with crumbled Feta cheese.

Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Color: Bright, near opaque, ruby purple core.
Aroma: Intense and complex with aromas or ripe black fruit, baking spice, sweet tobacco, leather, cocoa, oak barrel elements with subtle smoky eucalyptus accents
Palate: Dry and full-bodied.
Food pairings: Great with classic fare like rich braised short ribs or grilled leg of lamb with garlic and herbs.

Justin Justification 2012
Color: Bright color with a dark purple ruby core.
Aroma: Red and black cherry, black currant and ripe strawberry fruit with cola, coffee, dark licorice and vanilla spice accents.
Palate: Finish is balanced and complex.
Food pairings: Serve with tea smoked duck or duck confit, roasted vegetables, or filet mignon with a red wine reduction.

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Meet Processing Workshop December 14-15, 2016

December 08, 2016

The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI), along with CARDI, and in conjunction with Texas Tech University and IICA, will hold a Meat Processing Workshop...

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A storied supper

December 05, 2016

Pairing cocktails with food is about balance, to create a match made in heaven, but rum pairing with food shows the versatility of the spirit. Mount Gay Rum Brand Ambassador Darrio R. Prescod with Sapodilla restaurant chefs exhibited both with a curated menu paired with four rums — Eclipse, Black Barrel XO and 1703 — during the “Storied Supper” evening.

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Defence Force Honors Retired Veterans at Luncheon
Defence Force Honors Retired Veterans at Luncheon

November 28, 2016

Members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force showed their gratitude yesterday in grand and traditional style, during their Thanksgiving Service and Career Transition Luncheon.

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Smiles for Seniors on Thanksgiving Day
Smiles for Seniors on Thanksgiving Day

November 28, 2016

Honouring its rich history, this Thanksgiving, BTC put some smiles on the faces of its retirees.

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Fourth installment of Rebecca Chapter's mystery soup kitchen

November 24, 2016

Rebecca Chapter No. 4, Order of the Eastern Star, recently held its fourth mystery soup kitchen.

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