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Prime Minister gives New Year?s address to the nation

Prime Minister gives New Year?s address to the nation

Fri, Jan 30th 2009, 12:00 AM

My Fellow Bahamians,

It has been my practice while in office to address you at the beginning of each new year so as to review the state of affairs of the international community of which we are a member and to give you an assessment of the state of affairs in our country and our prospects for the year ahead.

The dark clouds which hung over the world at the end of last year did not dissipate with the turning of the calendar. The attacks in Mumbai, India, were a rude reminder that we still face the worldwide threat of terrorism and that we must remain vigilant.

The unsettled state of affairs in the Middle East and Central Asia continues to present perhaps the greatest challenge to the maintenance of peace and stability in international affairs.

The tension between Israelis and Palestinians that has existed for half a century erupted once more into open conflict with tragic consequences, including the death and maiming of hundreds of innocents and terrible destruction of property in Gaza.

Sectarian violence continues to disrupt life in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan and along the Pakistan border has intensified as the militant religious fundamentalists have stepped up their resistance.

The meltdown in the United States that rocked the foundations of the global economic order in 2008 continues to reverberate throughout the world with profound negative impact on business, trade and employment.

On January 20th, a new administration took over the reins of power in the United States as Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President and the first American of African descent to ascend to that high office.

Having regard to the tragic history of slavery in the New World, this was indeed a moment of great significance and tens of thousands of Bahamians joined millions around the world in celebrating this hopeful new beginning.

The Government of The Bahamas looks forward to our continued excellent relations with our American friends and we wish the new President and his administration great success as they move to deal with a multitude of challenges.

Foremost among those challenges, and of greatest concern to citizens of The Bahamas and the United States, is the re-ordering of international financial affairs and the recovery of the U.S. and the world economy.


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Global Response and EARTHCARE pleased with new Marine Protected Area in Bimini

Global Response and EARTHCARE pleased with new Marine Protected Area in Bimini

Mon, Jan 26th 2009, 12:00 AM

It?s been four years since Global Response began campaigning to protect the mangroves and marine ecosystem of Bimini Island in the Bahamas ? and now we can celebrate a victory! (See a beautiful ?thank you? message from the Bahamas, below.)

The Bahamian government has officially established a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in North Bimini ? as we urged them to do in several rounds of Global Response letters.

Now the government will have to apply the strict environmental standards required for human activity within its MPAs to the proposed expansion of the Bimini Bay Resort. In its proposed Phase 2 construction, the Resort wants to build a golf course in an area which now lies within the MPA borders. Since the golf course would destroy mangroves and pollute Bimini?s marine environment, it should not be approved within an established Marine Protected Area.

We will continue to collaborate with the very dedicated Bahamian environmental organizations EARTHCARE and ReEARTH, and with the Bimini Bay Research Station and Sharklab to defend Bimini?s remarkably rich and diverse marine ecosystem. We appreciate the very active collaboration of other international organizations, especially Mangrove Action Project, the Shark Trust, and Tourism Concern.

Now here?s the ?thank you? we?ve received from EARTHCARE?s Gail Woon. Congratulations on contributing to another victory for environmental protection!

Dear Global Response members and administration:

EARTHCARE would like to extend its heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication for supporting the people of Bimini to protect and defend the tiny island from the megadevelopment, Bimini Bay.. Thanks to your efforts and your many letters over the years, the Government of The Bahamas has listened and in December, 2008 designated the Northern part of North Bimini a Marine Protected Area, finally! We are hoping that this designation will help to protect the wetlands from the construction of the proposed golf course. Please know that this could not have happened without your valuable assistance. We are indebted to Global Response and its members. Thank you!

Ecologically yours,

Gail Woon
P. O. Box F 40064
Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
The Bahamas

Rugby: The Bahamas Cup in play

Rugby: The Bahamas Cup in play

Fri, Jan 23rd 2009, 12:00 AM

This Weekend's Rugby:
The Bahamas Cup - Week 6
2:00pm - Freeport vs. Buccaneers at Freeport RFC
3:00pm - Baillou vs. Cuckoos at Winton Rugby Centre

This is a big weekend for Bahamas Rugby with Freeport, Baillou and Cuckoos all pretty much level going into week 6 of the Bahamas Cup. Freeport will be expecting a home win against Buccaneers but will be chasing the bonus point.

In Nassau, Baillou will face a Cuckoos team who have beaten them once already this season, albeit by a very tight margin. both teams know that they need a win today to stay in touch with Freeport.

Coaching & Refereeing Clinics

Andy Dixon, the BRFU Development Officer will be holding a series of coaching and refereeing clinics for all clubs in a few weeks time. All clubs are expected to send representatives and most have already registered quite good numbers. Those who complete these courses will gain the BRFU Level 1 coaching/refereeing certificate.

If you have not yet registered and wish to do so, please inform your captain or chairman who will ensure that your naume is passed forward to the DO. Click here for more information.

Baillou Superbowl Party

Baillou RFC will be hosting a Superbowl party at Winton Rugby Centre on Sunday, February 1st. All players and friends of rugby are invited to attend. More details will be forthcoming in next week's newsletter.

University sides confirm March Tour

At least two University teams will be in Nassau to play in 'University Challenge' matches. These games are always a good opportunity for our Under 23s to test themselves. Roger Williams University will be here for 2 games during the week of March 15th - 21st, while Brown University, which is a top ranked side will play a 3 game series between March 22nd and March 26th.

Schools' Winter Program Commences

High School coaches are reminded that they need to get back into their respective schools over the coming weeks. The Lennox Paton Youth 7s will be held on March 14th, so teams should be getting ready. For assistance, please contact me or Andy Dixon.

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Hope to see you on Saturday,

Page runs 50 on his 50th

Page runs 50 on his 50th

Tue, Jan 13th 2009, 12:00 AM

In early November 2008 veteran Physical Education teacher at Jack Hayward High School, Phil Page, celebrated his half-century birthday. This in itself was not remarkable, but what he did on the day was. The island's number one endurance athlete ran 50 miles to celebrate the event.

Phil, who is a very experienced marathoner and ironman triathlete, decided not only to run the 50 miles but to also to raise money for a local charitable cause. Choosing the Grand Bahama AIDS Awareness Committee as his beneficiary, Phil managed to generate some $4,660 for the charity.

When interviewed following the completion of the run, Phil, normally a shy and introverted kind of guy, was ecstatic over his performance. ?It was certainly the hardest physical challenge to date. It is amazing what the human body is capable of with a little effort and training,? he said.

Phil?s next race is the Miami Marathon on January 25th, 2009 (a mere 26.2 miles in comparison).