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Artist Spotlight | Anina Major

Bahamian artist envisions freedom of expression in her RISD grad thesisBahamian artist envisions freedom of expression in her RISD grad thesis

Over the years, Bahamian Art & Culture has featured the work of innovative inter-disciplinary artist Anina Major, who primarily works with clay. She studied at The College of The Bahamas, earned a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Drexel University and has recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design’s MFA Ceramics programme. We are honoured to feature her most recent body of work that was created specifically for her graduate thesis. It is entitled “In The Marketplace” (2017).

She describes this body of work as a return to the inspirational source. In her search of the place that articulates the essence of her practice, Anina returns to a metaphorical place where there is an abundance of creative freedom and an authentic expression of diasporic connections. A place that holds a fascination for people of all cultures and one that functions as... [Read more]

Island Style

Bahari releases Independence Collection

Bahari releases Independence Collection

Bahari has released its fourth Independence Collection, themed, “Celebrate Together”, just in time for the country’s forty-fourth anniversary of Independence.

The Bahari creative team says it was important to produce a more festive aesthetic this year, especially after all of the political divisiveness that took place in the country over these past few months.

The 2017 Independence Collection design features...Read more.

Bahamian designer Anya explains why sustainability and slow-fashion principles are important to her luxury leather goods brand: WilliqueBahamian designer Anya explains why sustainability and slow-fashion principles are important to her luxury leather goods brand: Willique
Willique – the London based luxury leather, bespoke handbag brand is fast establishing an international reputation for craftsmanship and design, whilst championing the idea that luxury too can be part of the slow fashion movement.

So what exactly is slow fashion? The movement is gaining momentum within the industry. Representing ethicality, sustainability and “green” ideals within fashion, the core values include diversity, ethical practises, resourcefulness, quality and slowing down consumption.

Recognising that it can be difficult to find luxury leather goods that are both bespoke and cruelty free, designer Anya has forged links with an innovative alternative leather... Read more.

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