Havanatur Bahamas Travel Agency

Havanatur Bahamas Travel Agency

For more than 20 years, Havanatur (Bahamas) Ltd. has promoted tourist and business travel from The Bahamas to Cuba and other destinations. Havanatur Bahamas is the one and only Cuba Specialist in the Bahamas. More than 25,000 passengers use our services every year, simply because they believe in the seriousness and professionalism of our company.

Havanatur Bahamas can offer you the following:
- Hotel reservations all over Cuba.
- Apartments for rent in Havana, Cuba.
- Rent a car, a van or a bus in Cuba.
- Help planning your wedding in Cuba.
- Day tours in many languages.
- Programs in Cuban cities, beaches and country sides.
- Hunting, diving, sailing and health programs in Cuba.
- Medical Treatment
- Other destinations in the area: Cancun, Nassau, Montego Bay and others.
- Assistance in airports and Hotels.
- Special net prices for travel agencies with a personalized care to passengers.
- Online reservation in Cuba .
- Air tickets reservations (Cuban national flights and connection flights to Cuba).

Let us show you our tropical world, which could be an unforgettable experience for you.

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CUBA - General Information

Cuba is more than just the largest island in the Antilles. It is an intricate archipelago comprising the main island (about two-thirds the size of Florida), the Isle of Youth and about 4,195 keys (cayos) and islets. The combined surface area of these Caribbean land masses is some 110,992 square kilometres. The country sits at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, 140 kilometres from the Bahamas, 146 kilometres from Jamaica, 180 kilometres from Florida and 210 kilometres from Cancun.

A country prodigal in artistic and creative manifestations. It has made contributions to international culture with important names of writers, thinkers, dancers, musicians, painters, poets and singers. Cuban craftwork is interesting, with outstanding works in leather, vegetable fibers, wood, stone, metal and sea products. Cuba's cultural infrastructure consists of theaters, museums, art galleries and cinemas, where not only samples of the national wealth of all times are shown, but also of world art. It is the seat of important international events such as the Ballet Festival, the biennial of visual arts, popular music festivals and the Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, among others.

Moderate subtropical. The Cuban territory grazes the Tropic of Cancer, and due to its long and narrow configuration, on an east-west axis, it receives the refreshing action of the trade winds and the sea breezes. During the short winter, it is cooled by masses of cold air from the North; those cold fronts do not last long. The day and night temperatures differ less in the coastal regions than inland. The eastern part of the country has a warmer climate than the western part.

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Havanatur Bahamas

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