New agreement with US College brings $15,000 to the table for BAMSI Graduates

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October 31, 2019

The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) has entered into an agreement with two US schools in a bid to secure additional funding and a more global experience for its student body, graduates and faculty. According to a senior official with the Institution, one agreement has some $15,000 earmarked for BAMSI students wishing to continue on to a bachelor’s degree. And BAMSI students are now eligible for a one-year study abroad programme which will also bring American students to the North Andros campus.

Executive director of BAMSI Dr Raveenia Roberts-Hanna announced recently that BAMSI has finalized an agreement with the University of Ozarks in Arkansas that allows graduates to begin their bachelor’s degree programme at the US-based institution as third-year students. According to the agreement all of BAMSI’s course credits will be accepted. The University of Ozarks will also give students a $15,000 scholarship toward tuition.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our students and another reason why high school graduates and others wishing to pursue a tertiary level education should consider BAMSI. Once our students have successfully completed their course of study at BAMSI and have been accepted into a bachelor’s degree programme at the University of Ozarks, all of their course credits will be accepted reducing the time they will have to spend to complete their degree. They will also get a grant for some $15,000 toward their tuition which is a significant contribution.

“Our graduates are also eligible to apply to the Ministry of Education for scholarships and grants to get assistance in covering the remaining portion of their tuition, accommodations and other fees,” Dr Hanna said.

The partnership with the University of Ozarks also opens up the possibility of a joint Bachelor of Arts degree in marine science and environmental science between the two academic institutions, Dr Hanna explained. She said that this will go hand in hand with the new initiative that allows for student and faculty exchange beginning in January. Bahamian students and lecturers will be able to spend a semester or more at the Arkansas university while students and faculty from Ozarks will be able to spend time at BAMSI.

Dr Hanna also announced a second initiative, this one between BAMSI and Hocking College, located in Ohio, USA. The two institutions have entered into a one plus one agreement which will allow students from either college to complete one year of study at their home institution and the second year of study with the partnering institution. Dr Hanna said that BAMSI students will be eligible to receive in-state tuition and will have access to nearly 20 other degree options beyond the five offered by BAMSI. She also noted that beginning in January, staff and students at both colleges will be able to complete a semester abroad.

Both Hocking College and the University of Ozarks have applied to NAECOB for approval. NAECOB is the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of the Bahamas and is responsible for registering and accrediting primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary schools and any institution or provider that offers training in The Bahamas.

News date : 10/31/2019    Category : Education, Press Releases

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