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August 16, 2019

In last month's fitness blog, we touched base on what is the best way to go about doing exercises even if your not physically capable of doing so. Now we are going to dive a bit deeper on specific exercises that target different muscle groups. And for this month we are going to start with the CORE. Yes, we are going to highlight several different core exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Have you ever saw someone on T.V, in the gym or even on the beach and wondered, how do they get such great looking abs? Or wondered how he/she got such flat stomachs? What exercises are they doing?

Well........ to answer all those questions.....

It is a combination of eating the right foods as well as doing core exercises that get those individuals to having a flat stomach or a “six pack”.

But what is the “CORE “ exactly?

The core is the mid-section of the body. Mainly the abs or abdominals, the lower back & hips (glutes) as illustrated below.


The abdominal or stomach is the part of the core that everyone want to pay attention to because its wear the six pack is and one of the most noticeable part of the body. Most people tend to judge someone's fitness level based on what their abs look like. However people tend to neglect the back area. The lower back is just as important as the working on the stomach. Bare in mind most of the time when you lift something you are using your arms and guess what???? YOUR BACK. And to avoid those irritating back pains, its best that you have a strong back. NOOO I do not mean the drink either!!! So there has to be balance, work on the back just as much as you work on the front side of the core meaning your stomach/abs.

Here are some Core exercises you can do at home. These will help you get a flatter stomach, stronger back and have a great looking mid-section.




Targets obliques
For those who have physical issues holding a proper plank form

This exercise helps you with total core strength i.e. back and stomach. When you have a strong core your body will have better balance. Once you have better balance you will have better body coordination to do more complex exercises. The beauty of these exercises is that they challenge you to do more and go longer. Start of holding a plank for 20 seconds a day. Once that becomes too easy increase that time that you hold it for. Once you get up to 2 minutes in one hold.....then you're body should be sexier than ever.

Superman & Bird Dog Exercise


These exercises are great for individuals who have back issues. If you are consistent with these exercises, you will develop a stronger, tighter looking back in no time.

NOTE: If you do have serious back issues or recovering from back surgery. Speak with your doctor or therapist before doing exercises. If you wish to attempt these exercises, start at doing 5 reps a time.

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