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Health and Nutrition Business With Zamunda Fitness

Health & Nutrition Business With Zamunda Fitness - August Nutrition Blog

Do you find yourself eating once or twice a day and struggling with losing weight? Are you seriously active in a healthier lifestyle, eat multiple times a day, but still not achieving your fitness goal?Do you know a speedy Metabolism help you lose weight?If you cant do intense workouts how can you still boost your metabolism? All these questions we will cover in this month's blog.Back 2 School Challenge
OK, so you've recently started working out, eating right and in that first week or so you lost some weight. Then few more weeks go by and you realize that “hey I'm not losing weight anymore”. Well then you probably need to monitor the times you are eating and how much times a day you are eating. Many people are under the impression that you need to “exercise more and eat less” to lose weight. While there are some truth to that theory, people tend to go about it the wrong way. When the phrase says “eat less” it doesn't mean that we must eat less meals in a day but rather eat smaller portions in a day. Are you with me?
In July's blog I've touched on the topic of portion size of the food you eat. (If you've missed June & July's blog go check it out). To eat less is to eat smaller portions in a meal but do not eat less meals. Especially in the Bahamas were we have that bad habit of skipping breakfast and only eating once or twice a day, we become our own worst enemy by slowing down our metabolism.
“But I'm too busy to eat” ...[Read More Here]

Health & Nutrition Business With Zamunda Fitness - August Fitness Blog

Work Those Core MusclesIn last month's fitness blog, we touched base on what is the best way to go about doing exercises even if your not physically capable of doing so. Now we are going to dive a bit deeper on specific exercises that target different muscle groups. And for this month we are going to start with the CORE. Yes, we are going to highlight several different core exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Have you ever saw someone on T.V, in the gym or even on the beach and wondered, how do they get such great looking abs? Or wondered how he/she got such flat stomachs? What exercises are they doing?

Well........ to answer all those questions.....
It is a combination of eating the right foods as well as doing core exercises that get those individuals to having a flat stomach or a “six pack”.

But what is the “CORE “ exactly?
The core is the mid-section of the body. Mainly the abs or abdominals, the lower back & hips (glutes) as illustrated below...[Read More Here]
Screenshot this graphic and bring it to Zamunda Fitness and learn how you can try these amazing products at an affordable rate!