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Ok this is the part of the healthier lifestyle everyone loves. Whether you workout at the gym, with a coach at a random location or at home watching &Zamunda Fitness Ripped Figure following moves on a workout video. Everyone tends to be more drawn to the 20% fitness aspect of their healthy journey. For most (at least those who are actually trying) it seems so easy. Especially when grammy goes for a walk and calls it her exercise, or doing house or yard work it seems so easy for them. People consider walking to the bus stop exercise, well guess what??? It is!!!
Whenever you get your body to do movements that burns which is not a daily norm that is considered a form of exercise. Yes! Sex is a form of exercise, but how come? Because you burn calories while “doin’ it” but that’s another topic for another day.
Back to what I was saying about walking to the bus stop. Do you think you burn more calories sitting and driving for 2 miles or walking to a nearby destination which is half a mile away? Most definitely it will be the walking.
Now ask yourself this, what do you think burns more calories, walking a mile or running a half mile? If you choose running then once again you would be correct.
Why? Because your pushing your body to do something that you don’t daily and when you running you will have a higher heart rate than if you were walking. So, you blood is pumping faster, oxygen is used more, you become more sweaty... [Read More Here]

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