Water Incursion at the General Post Office

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August 02, 2019

At 9:45am today (Friday, 2nd August 2019), a fault in pipeline of the newly upgraded fire prevention system resulted in water incursion to a small area of the mail sorting area of the General Post Office (GPO) at the Town Centre Mall.

Prior to the GPO occupying the premises, the sprinkler system was successfully tested for adequacy and integrity. Subsequent to that test, it was determined even though the existing system was acceptable, a more modern and reliable sprinkler system was desirable. With the new installation, the contractor today advised that, upon conducting hydrostatic tests, the pressure caused the two pipes to separate at its coupling.

Unfortunately, the breach caused water damage to a limited amount of mail and wet some members of staff. The pressure valve was immediately shut down. The landlord and contractor worked fastidiously to repair the fault and the integrity of the system has now been assured. The affected mail has been dried.

It is critical to note that members of the public whose mail has been affected are being notified individually. At inspection, there is superficial damage to the packaging of items; however, it is unlikely that contents have been damaged.

It is also very important to note that the operations of the GPO have continued, with minimal impact to the overall functioning of the facility.


News date : 08/02/2019    Category : Press Releases, Public Works/Infrastructure, Roadwork

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