UB Graduate Pairs Spanish Fluency with International Tourism Pursuits

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May 22, 2019

Kevonya Bain has loved the Spanish language for as long as she can remember; she thrived as a student of University of The Bahamas (UB). Now, as a member of UB’s 2019 Commencement Class, she is one step closer to embarking on an academic and cultural odyssey in Barcelona, Spain.

The next chapter for Kevonya involves pursuing a Master’s degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Barcelona Business Executive School. The Spanish major with a minor in Tourism Management says she fell in love with Spanish while in high school.

“I always loved Spanish. It was one of my favorite subjects in high school but when I got to UB, I realized that it was more than just “Hola! Cómo estás?” she recalled.

As she embraced all of the elements of the language – history, geography, culture, psychology and linguistics – she became more fluent. Visiting and studying in Costa Rica deepened her appreciation.

As a UB student, life outside the classroom was just as enriching as experiences inside the classroom. Among the highlights for her was hosting the “No Limits, No Boundaries” seminar with other Spanish majors to encourage students to learn a foreign language. Some of her peers actually did. She also met some great friends with whom she has shared a blossoming love of Spanish.

“University of The Bahamas has prepared me for life by teaching me the importance of networking and some valuable character-building lessons. I have learned that nothing in life is easy, you must work hard for what you want and quitting is not an option. UB has really prepared me for adulthood,” she said.

Kevonya expressed one regret; not getting more involved in campus life and the activities of various clubs and organizations as a student. She did, however, credit her Spanish professor and mentor Dr. Walteria Tucker-Rolle for inspiring her to “think outside the box and in different colors”.

“Dr. Rolle encouraged me to embrace my iridescent thinking in a room of black and white thinkers,” she shared.

As she will soon cross the threshold and become an alumna of UB, Kevonya also shared this sage advice for incoming students, “Give it everything you’ve got. Do it with all your heart or don’t do it at all because passion comes from the heart.”

Kevonya admits that the road to graduation hasn’t been easy and she has had to create the opportunities she wanted.

“You have to define your future or other people will define it for you and you will live life on other people’s terms and conditions… You don’t want people telling you your 4Ws and H – What you should study; why you should study it; where you should be; who you are and how you should live.

As the recipient of the Overall Student Award for Communication and Creative Arts, Kevonya is one of many graduates that UB is preparing to become global citizens in a dynamic world.

Kevonya Bain receives the Overall Student Award for Communication and Creative Arts. From l-r: Associate Professor Christine Diment, Kevonya Bain, Chair, Communication & Creative Arts Dr. Walteria Tucker-Rolle.

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