"Visions and Dreams: Flooding & National Issues in The Bahamas

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June 08, 2016

By: Pastor, Dr. Wilfred T. Adderley, Sr.

I had a vision about flooding in the Bahamas; in this vision, I was riding a bicycle through the streets of New Providence shouting to people: “Get to higher ground a flood is coming, a flood is coming.” The people just looked at me as though I was crazy. The dream then switched to me riding through the streets of Long Island, Exuma, Freeport and Abaco shouting the same warning: “Get to higher ground a flood is coming, a flood is coming.”

Again, the people in these Islands looked at me as if I was crazy and no one made any attempts to take the warning seriously. Response: I did share this dream with a few persons and I preached it in a few sermons up to October, 2012 when we had our Fall- Crusade with Evangelist Shiann O’conner. He said during the crusade that he believes God was going to choose a day of judgment to visit many of the nations in our region because of the wickedness that is going on daily, with the people showing no sign of repentance. Results: By the third week of October, one week after the Crusade ended hurricane Sandy passed through the Bahamas and left massive flooding in New Providence, Exuma, Long Island (crops destroyed have not recovered yet).

Recently, I have had further dreams-Sept. 19, 2013 of flooding in Nassau and some of the Islands. In a dream- October 14, I was in Long Island, and Eleuthera visiting and warning people. Therefore, wherever God would open doors for this, I am available to do His bidding. January 12th, 2010, a vision of Haiti earthquake before it happened; I had 3 dreams saying tell it so people can be ready for Jesus to come. I did preach it a few times but I will preach it more.

Vision: October, 5th, 2013. In the Cayman Islands while attending the festival of the laity, I dreamt that I saw in the Sky and the mid-air in bold “Daniel 12:1-2”, A voice was repeating verse 3, “‘And they that shall be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever;’ according to His word. Arise, they that sleep in the dust of the earth.”

Just then, I began to see the flash of some of my colleagues in ministry and the Lay-Evangelist, Guest Speaker: Eugene Ferdinand. The Lord said to me: “share this with others and form an Evangelistic-Team with persons you work well with.” Therefore, I am ready to proclaim Daniel’s 12:1-3 to everyone who will listen; this is a prophecy about the 2nd coming of Christ: “When Michael stands up!”

Vision of October 16th, 2013
In this vision, which was on Fort Charlotte, people of all denominations were gathered for one issue: prayers for the good of the home, church and the nation. All churches were there: Baptists, Anglicans, Church of God/& of Prophecy, Methodists, Assemblies of Brethren, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Brethren, Seventh-day Adventists, etc. We were singing, Rescue the perishing, care for the dying.

I saw a group of women dressed in white (Nurses) who moved among the people giving out leaflets about spiritual, physical and mental health. Response: I have an invitation to attend such a service, November 15th, 2013 at Fort Charlotte, to join in prayers for the nation. I invite you to pray with us.

Vision October 19th, 2013
In this Vision, I saw a woman dressed in all white, with a long 12 ft. veil which fell from the sky and an unseen hand dressed her head with it. This veil hung in the back of her to the ground forming a 7 ft trail. Over her head, I saw a large number 4 and a voice said: “Now is the white linen of Christ’s Righteousness available to all and He’s ready to cover them who qualify and come to Him in faith and obedience, as my servant John said in Revelation: “those who obey the commandments of God, as given to Moses, the gates of the city will be opened to them.” Rev. 22:14.

As I saw the woman in white with the number 4 flashing over her head, the song: “Give myself away so you can use me” began to play in my mind, I turned and awoke. In meditation the Holy Spirit indicated that the woman is God’s Remnant church in Rev. 12:17 which is in the four directions: east, West, North and South of the world represented by the number four.

All who by faith accepts Christ as Lord and Savior are Baptized and keeps all of God’s commandments are a part of His remnant church which adheres to the teachings of the Bible. The long white linen cloth symbolizes Christ’s Righteousness which shows Christ living in the lives of His followers. I was instructed to share this with others-Pastors, also the dreams and the Truth about worship, diet and marriage in Eden before sin.

Vision October 23rd, 2013 (Visions, 1991, 2003 and 2010 about Chinese immigrants in the Bahamas)

A vision of China spreading its borders from: Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, America and the Bahamas.

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