Asue Draw set to offer 'new products' ahead of web shop regulation

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May 22, 2014

Asue Draw is set to open a new branch called 'Asue Draw+Spin' this Saturday on Robinson Road that will offer a range of "new products".
In an advertisement, the web shop company said, "Join the new Asue Draw as we introduce our new products".
While the company does not detail those products, a photo which appears to be the exterior of the "flagship store", shows a large decal depicting sporting events, including basketball, dog and horse racing, hockey, football and baseball.
Inside the store, one of the walls also has a large decal of a card dealer, several cards, chips and a roulette casino table game.
Attorney Wayne Munroe, who was contacted for comment, was asked if Asue Draw is offering new games that would typically be found in a casino.
While he was unable to say what new products will be offered, Munroe said Asue Draw is not offering casino games.
He said any new product offered will come under the online gaming umbrella.
He represents a group of web shops, including Asue Draw.
"It is nothing new apart from what is already happening," he said.
"How you would look at it is [if] you have Hennessy [Cognac], and you have Hennessy Black."
He was referring to the brand of brandy which offers a more aged version of one of its existing products.
Asked what the "spin" referred to in "Asue Draw+Spin", Munroe said he did not know, but speculated it was an advertising strategy.
When pressed on whether the web shop company was offering sports betting, Munroe said he was not aware.
However, he said that service is currently available online via other companies.
"The impression I get from my clients' business model is anything you want to do online that is available you can do," Munroe said.
"Now, if they are saying that they are going to be directing you so you can now access sites that can allow that, then that is not new, that has always been available online."
The government has announced plans to regulate the web shop industry by July 1, despite the "no" vote outcome of the January 28, 2013 gambling referendum.
Asked whether there is any concerns about Asue Draw potentially expanding its gaming products ahead of legislation being passed to regulate the industry, Munroe said expansion at this time may be a good thing.
"The government will decide how it regulates," he said. "It may, in fact, be a good thing that you are going to be showing the government all that can happen online.
"If you show them, they can decide when they regulate, how they are going to regulate."
According to the Asue Draw advertisement, there will be a "prizes and surprises" at the launch.
The Nassau Guardian understands one of the prizes is a new car.

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