Salon robbed 3 times in 3 months

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November 15, 2013

The owner of Jingles Beauty Salon & Beauty Supplies said she was forced to turn away all of her customers yesterday after an overnight robbery left her without any supplies.
Magnolia King, who opened her store on Poinciana Drive over 28 years ago, said her business has been robbed three times in the last three months.
"I couldn't even do hair today," he said pointing to the broken glass that littered the store.
King said the culprit stole her curling irons, shampoos, conditioners, water pump and several other items.
She said the robbery put her back thousands of dollars and will impact her ability to do business until she can get some capital.
"I'm basically unemployed," she said.
"I need help. Where can I go? I'm self employed. I can't go to the [Department of] Social Services because they're going to say I'm self employed. I can't go to Urban Renewal because they're going to say I'm self-employed. Well, I'm unemployed now because I only work with my hands and I need tools. My light bill needs to be paid. What do I do?"
King said she does not have the money to restock her supplies. She added that her husband will not be in a position to assist her until the end of the month.
King said she believes the thief removed the bulbs from her outside lights before he broke into her salon.
When The Guardian arrived at the store yesterday, the salon's glass door was broken. The bulbs of the outside lights were resting on the side of the store's wall.
King said when she entered the salon yesterday morning, there was a candle burning on one of the tables in her shop.
"I thank God the place didn't burn down," she said.
King said she can not afford to take the loss as she is barely making ends meet now.
Superintendent Stephen Dean said police are investigating the robbery.
Anyone with information on the break-in is asked to call 919, 911, or Crime Stoppers at 328-TIPS.

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News date : 11/15/2013    Category : Nassau Guardian Stories

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