Dark Green Honda Civic #203377

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September 29, 2009

They have the license plate number of the car now. Thank God!!!!

There have been more than a few women who have been followed by the following car. The police say that they have received many complaints about a: DARK GREEN HONDA CIVIC license plate # 203377, left hand drive. The complaints are all the same. Two guys, one with dred locks and the other wears Oakley like shades. A lot of the complaints have come from the west, but a few are now coming from the east. Please be on the lookout for this vehicle. Two women were followed from Paradise Island on Tuesday evening. One they followed to her house in Blair and tried to break her car glass with a gun, but she got away and went to the police station, whilst there a complaint came in about a robbery by assailants of the same description.

Please be on the lookout and ladies, PLEASE BE AWARE as you drive, who is driving behind you and your surroundings when you get to your house.

Let's try to pass this email on..

Be Safe !!!

News date : 09/29/2009

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