Vandals go on Vehicle Smashing Rampage

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April 15, 2013

As residents of the Carmichael Road and South Beach areas slept early Saturday morning, a group of men drove around smashing scores of vehicle windows and windshields. At least 20 vehicles were damaged near Gerald Cash Primary School, St. Vincent Road, Munnings Avenue, and even into Pinewood. Most vehicles had the rear windows broken, while others had both the front and rear windows destroyed. St. Vincent Road resident Ismay Black said she heard what sounded like a gunshot around 4:30 a.m. but had no idea someone had thrown rocks at her car.

"We just heard 'bam', like a gun, and I told my husband to see what it was, but if it was anything don't go out," Black said. "He didn't see anything. "So this morning I was getting ready to finish a report I have to do when [my husband] ran inside and said 'girl your whole back glass [is] gone', and when I came outside two of my neighbor's pyramid stones were sitting in the back window." Black's silver Honda was badly damaged. She said when she went to the police station to report the incident there were other people making similar complaints.

"What I was told was that some young men were driving in a Ford F150 truck and went around having a field day at 4:30 in the morning like they have some problem in the bed," she said. "Right now I have a windshield problem. "Where can I go like this in an already touchy car? And they lay down like nothing [is] wrong." Croton Street resident Keith Darling had a similar experience. He said he heard a loud noise around 4 a.m. but thought nothing of it. "We heard a noise and the alarm went off as well and I looked out the window and I didn't see anything, but I did remember hearing a car speeding off," he said.

"So I went back to bed, but shortly after that my neighbors came and told me that my car glass was broken." Darling said quite a bit of cars on his corner were also hit. The vandals attacked a variety of cars and trucks with rocks, bricks and even spark plugs, according to residents. The average rear window of a car costs anywhere from $400 to $600 to repair. Over the Easter holiday weekend, several people reported that rocks and bricks were thrown into their windshields at they drove around. Police are asking anyone with information about these incidents to contact them.

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News date : 04/15/2013    Category : Accident/Emergency, Nassau Guardian Stories

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