Unveiled: The Logo For 40th Anniversary Celebrations

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March 13, 2013

Prime Minister Perry Christie last night officially launched the country's 40th year of Independence celebrations in Rawson Square. While calling on Bahamians to reflect on the journey our forefathers took to convert this country into a self governing nation, Mr Christie said national heroes should now be celebrated. “We have been in many respects,” he said, “negligent with our heroes and our history. It is vital that every Bahamian in every background know their history.

Every Bahamian student should be able to tell the story of majority rule and independence. “We must give the proper attention to these things. Our Bahamian heroes must have prominence and permanence in the Bahamian story.” The government is expected to host a Bahamian awards show this year to honour those persons, the Prime Minister said.

In addition, the official logo of the celebrations was also unveiled. Addis Huyler, CEO of Sidda Communications Group and Kishan Poitier, professional artist designed and conceptualised the logo. They both agree that it is an honour to play such an important role in the country’s milestone accomplishment.

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News date : 03/13/2013    Category : About Bahamians, Culture, Tribune Stories

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