'What fall'

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January 03, 2013

Dear Editor,

We started out as a nation of pirates and we are still bootlegging illegal movies and music and selling counterfeit goods in the straw market. We made alcohol legal and are now a nation of alcoholics with probably one of the highest rates of alcoholism in the world.

We've been gambling since before the Hobby Horse race track. (Keeping in mind that none of the numbers houses are in Lyford Cay, Highland Park, Treasure Cove or Blair), why don't we just go ahead, legalize gambling and then gamble our greedy, covetous and materialistic selves right into the poor house and let the numbers man get rich while we sit around on our lazy behinds asking..."What fall!?" -- By da way...What fall?

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News date : 01/03/2013    Category : Letters

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