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December 28, 2012

Safety Tips For Females

Rape is a serious criminal offence that violates the sanctity of a human’s body. This crime has lasting effects on its victims, their families and the wider community.

But there is help and perhaps that help can begin with you Fear will cripple you and change your lifestyle. Knowledge on the other hand will empower you and enable you to control your space. The number of these alleged rapes and other sexual offences against our females have given rise for national concern. Here are some general tips that may assist you in preventing an attack on you or any other female.

• Check to ensure that all doors and windows are locked before retiring for the evening Always keep your doors locked especially on weekends when persons are moving about frequently

• When moving about your home in your night clothes or under clothes, draw all curtains, blinds and drapes closed so as to avoid other from seeing you.

• Before going to bed, check your telephone and if you have a cellular, keep it near you

• Be aware of males who view you as a damsel in distress.

• Be wary of strangers bearing gifts.

• Always say “NO” — and mean it.

• Persons wanting to use your phone should be told that either you will dial the number and pass on a message or that they cannot use your telephone.

• BE careful of who you accept a drink from.

• When having a cocktail protect your drink at all cost Since most sexual attackers are known to their victims, consider the following

• Be careful when considering going out with an ex-boyfriend or husband

• Be careful of peace offerings and Try not to be alone with the person

• Never assume that it’s over because the other person says so. In other words, be careful

• In the case where a child or children are a part of the relationship, then arrange visitation to be done at a place and time that will ensure your safety.

• If you are cornered by an attacker, do not go willingly. Scream, grab, kick, bite, hold, squeeze and do as much as possible to bring attention to yourself

• Know when a date is no longer a date.

• If attacked, do not wash or take a bath, you may destroy vital evidence

• Tell law enforcement officers about your ordeal Never assume that you can not become a victim of an attack

• Do all in your powers that are lawful to protect yourself and those around you Do not be ruled by fear- take charge and have a belier quality of life for you and your family.

Police Emergency National Crime Prevention Office Crime Stoppers 302-8430/1 or Crime Stoppers 328-TIPS (8477) Family Islands

News date : 12/28/2012    Category : About Bahamians, Press Releases

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