BTC Opens 2 High-end Stores in 4 Days

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April 25, 2012

BTC's SWEET NEW TWEET -- BTC CEO Geoff Houston, centre, and Senior VP, Commercial and Family Islands Tellis Symonette were on hand this morning when Manager Maureen Prescod cut the ribbon, opening the store in the Shirley Street Shopping Centre that had been closed for a total transformation. It was the second store to open in four days.

BTC Races to Open Exuma -- With the 59th Annual National Family Island Regatta days away, BTC opened its transformed George Town, Exuma store April 19. More than 200 packed the colourful retail experience centre with its sailing mural by artist Anthony 'Big Mo' Morley and dozens of wireless devices and smart phones live and ready for testing and trying. The company has pledged 35 stores by year-end and is ahead of schedule with 10 already opened or under construction.

Night Sky -- Dramatic lighting emphasizes the new look of BTC in George Town, Exuma during opening night, April 19. Four days later, BTC opened its transformed store in the Shirley Street Plaza, Nassau, another of the 10 either completed or under construction.

Exuma, Shirley Street BTC Opens 2 High-end Stores in 4 Days In its march across The Bahamas, transforming administrative space into art-filled, vibrant retail experience centres loaded with live smart phones and other wireless devices, BTC opened the doors of two new stores in four days this week, surpassing even its own fast-paced record. The telecom company opened its store on Shirley Street in Nassau today and in George Town, Exuma April 19. Both had been closed for extensive renovations and each required what the company has referred to as a "complete rip and replace."

More than 200 people turned out for the Exuma opening event filled with music, fanfare and festivities.

"We at BTC are committed not only transforming how we do business but the environment in which we all come together to conduct that business," said BTC CEO Geoff Houston. "We are in the process of transforming 35 administrative spaces in need of updating across the nation into colourful retail experiences with a broad range of the latest products -- all live and ready to go so you can try out different models, download apps, use a hand-held device to track a ship halfway across the world or check on the status of an incoming flight. When you go into the store this evening, we invite you to play a game, get tomorrow's weather, check out a video you've been wanting to see on YouTube."

The crowd took his invitation literally, packing the store and turning it into an explosion of social interaction enabled by technology. Four days later, on April 23, the ribbon was cut on the store in the Shirley Street Shopping Centre. Although one of the company's smaller locations in square footage, it services residents and businesses on Paradise Island, the eastern side of the island and the busy business district of Palmdale. A simple prayer offered by Major Lester Ferguson, Divisional Commander of The Salvation Army, was followed by a ribbon-cutting. But if the opening were intended as a relatively quiet affair, the aftermath was anything but.

"I heard they were letting you buy phones for less money," said one buyer happy to wade through the crowd that kept up at a steady pace all day. "I heard they got phones for $10 if you get a plan so I am signing me up for one of them." According to Marlon Johnson, BTC Vice President, Brand & Communications, the new look, new feel, bright colours, trained staff, lively atmosphere in the revitalized stores has drawn friends and boosted business.

"Good business," he said, "is a very good motivator." Response to the company's unveiling its first flagship store at the Mall at Marathon in December was so positive that is quickened its pace, both for the new store and its 4G roll-out. The last two openings brought to 10 the company has either completed or is working on presently. Each has original art that sets a dominant, Bahamian theme. The last two murals were done by Bahamian artist Anthony 'Big Mo' Morley, his work in Exuma a reflection of the island's bond with sailing. That was unveiled less than a week before thousands were expected to descend on the isle for the 59th Annual National Family Island Regatta.

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