Online application for Lyford Cay Foundation Scholarships is open

Wed, Feb 29th 2012, 10:00 AM

Lyford Cay Foundation, Inc. and The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation are now accepting online applications for academic and technical training and vocational scholarships for study at approved institutions in the U.S., Canada, the UK and the Caribbean.
All applications must be made through the Foundations' website,
Applicants must be Bahamian citizens and pledge to return to The Bahamas upon completion of their studies.
General academic scholarships are available at undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels for study in areas considered to be valuable to the economic needs of The Bahamas. These include agriculture, the arts, economics, education, engineering, environmental studies, financial services, foreign languages, health sciences, hospitality management, pure sciences, quantity surveying, technology and tourism.
Technical training and vocational scholarships are designed for individuals who wish to earn an associate's degree, certification, specialization or diploma in areas where there is a shortage of well-qualified Bahamians in the work force. The minimum course of study is six months. Generally, the maximum length of an eligible course is three years, but consideration will also be given to applicants pursing specific career and occupational programs that may extend beyond that period.
The approved fields of study for technical scholarships are agriculture and fisheries; air conditioning and refrigeration; automotive, marine and aviation mechanics; computer service technology; construction and related trades including electrical, carpentry, plumbing, painting and masonry; health care technology; heavy equipment operations; hospitality, tourism, and culinary arts, and machine shop and welding.
Specialized scholarships also offer opportunities to study agriculture; architecture; fine, visual and performing arts; arts education; business and economics; general education; engineering; marine and environmental biology; marine construction, marine design, marine manufacturing systems and marine mechanics, as well as theology.
Most foundation awards are given for between $7,500 and $12,500 per year.
Scholarships are renewable annually, provided that a certain level of performance is maintained. As part of the renewal process, successful applicants are required to show proof of having contributed to a minimum of 20 hours each year to volunteer projects and/or service organizations.
The current deadline for online academic scholarship applications is March 31, 2012. Completed applications for technical scholarships must be received online by May 1, 2012.
Independent, non-partisan screening committees comprised of prominent citizens in the fields of education, government and the private sector are responsible for making the final selections. In addition to academic performance, the committee considers an applicant's financial need, personal qualities -- including his or her leadership skills and contribution to the community -- as well as the caliber and cost of the institution he or she wishes to attend.
The foundations also offer scholarships for study at The College of The Bahamas. These are primarily need-based, and all applications and screening take place through the college. For more information please contact the COB Financial Aid office or visit
The Lyford Cay Foundations have awarded more than $21 million in scholarships to Bahamian citizens since their educational assistance programs were launched in 1983.

oFor additional information about the Foundations' educational awards, and application forms, please visit

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