Aquapure eyes Rock Star production

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December 01, 2011

The oldest and largest water producer in the country is seeking to further diversify its offerings in a tough economic climate, targeting production of the Rock Star energy drink as a means to kick-start sales.
Jeffrey Knowles, the operations manager at Aquapure, told Guardian Business, "You have to diversity if you're going to make it."
Although traditionally focused on water and juices, Knowles said the more the company can fill it's 25 delivery trucks, the more efficient it can be.
"We have to get Rock Star going," he said.
"It makes a lot of sense to launch this product. We have our energy going towards that, and if it's successful we'll look at other products."
Knowles explained that Rock Star is a popular beverage among younger customers in the 20-to-35 range. This demographic, he added, tends to be very active and will consume a great deal of fluids. Aquapure has embarked on a marketing campaign with Rock Star at a series of events that are popular among young people, such as night clubs and beach parties.
After that, if all goes well, the company intends to begin production of the energy drink.
"We probably have one of the largest distribution networks in our business," he said.
"In that sense, we want to add to our capacity. The more options you add to the public, the more business you get. Everything is diversification these says. You have to diversify if you're going to make it. The competition is so great out there, and certainly for drinks."
One of the main reasons for the diversification, he explained, is Nestle, the multinational company. According to Knowles, Nestle is "trying to corner the market", and "they produce the cheapest water there is".
He said local production companies, such as Aquapure, have struggled, and producers need to be more protected by finding ways to reduce their operating costs.
"When it comes to basic necessities like water, you need to protect and make sure people here are producing it," he said, citing the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and the need for extra water supplies.
Another method Aquapure is implementing to increase sales is a marketing partner with Bahamas Speed Week (BSW), which held its opening ceremony on Tuesday.
Together with Jimmie Lowe, the president of BSW, the company is producing 24,000 bottles of specially labeled bottles for the festivities. Although the actual investment is modest, the concept behind the campaign is to improve visibility for the company.
"We do it more for the support of the function. It gets our name out there, shows the diversity of the company."
Knowles said Aquapure is considering including Rock Star in BSW, but instead decided to roll the new product out slowly to ensure its success.

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News date : 12/01/2011    Category : Business, Nassau Guardian Stories

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