World-renowned hand and upper limb surgeon to visit Grand Bahama

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September 29, 2011

Screen_shot_2011-09-29_at_11.05.34_AM.png MIAMI, FL - Dr. Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS, and world-renowned Hand and Upper Limb Surgeon, President of the ISSPORTH (International Society for Sport Traumatology of the Hand), returns to Bahamas, this time to Freeport invited for a Medical Conference. Dr. Badia has recently performed three successful surgeries on the renowned biker Guilherme Berg (GUI BERG).  

"In 2010, I broke my right collarbone in the middle of the championship and I thought my year was over! I went back to see Dr. Badia, who six months earlier treated successfully my broken right wrist. He scheduled my surgery for the next day in his state of the art facility. One month and a half later I was racing again...

News date : 09/29/2011    Category : Health

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