What does it take to say 'enough is enough'

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September 23, 2011

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I WATCH and wonder what does it take to get a Bahamian to rise from his lounge chair on the beach and say, enough is enough, and I am not taking anymore.

Injustice, crime and decay and we just coast along.

The fact that a pregnant woman can be brutally murdered in this country and the infant is not considered to be a human being or to have been murdered ought to make us all retch.

Is it any surprise then that there is such a disregard for life when we start from the unborn foetus?

Our moral compass should not need a survey, a consensus of politicians to tell us that this is wrong, the stones should cry out in disgust.

God creates all life we are just the vessels, t ...

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News date : 09/23/2011    Category : Tribune Stories

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