Water And Sewerage Corporation Updates On Water Supply Disruptions In Central Eleuthera

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August 09, 2022

The Water and Sewerage Corporation provides over 500,000 imperial gallons of desalinated water to our valued customers in Central Eleuthera on a daily basis. This water services Governor’s Harbour, Palmetto Point, Savannah Sound and Windermere in the south and as far north as James Cistern, Hatchet Bay and Gregory Town.

During the evening of Thursday 4th August, 2022, electrical power supply to the desalination plant in Governors Harbour (Naval Base) was lost for a period of time. On resumption of the power supply, the plant began experiencing irregular incoming voltage. This irregular voltage caused severe damage including equipment wiring to be burnt resulting in the failure of the plant’s electrical system. As a result, one of the two desalination water production trains at the plant had to be shut down resulting in a reduction of the volume of water produced.

Subsequently, the water available for distribution to our valued customers has been decreased. During such times, there will be areas at the extremities of the system and also at higher elevations which will experience low pressure and at times no water situations.

Electricians from our Desalination Plant Contractor are actively working along with our stakeholders in the electricity supply sector to resolve the issues of irregular electrical power being supplied to the plant. In addition, replacement electrical parts have been air lifted to Eleuthera.

Efforts to resolve this issue will continue through the weekend with full resolution expected by Sunday 7th August, 2022.

The Water and Sewerage Corporation sincerely apologizes to our valued customers in the Central Eleuthera for the water supply disruptions that may have occurred since Thursday 4th August and may still be experiencing at this hour. As always, we strive to ensure as much as possible, uninterrupted potable water supply and when we do have disruptions, we seek to return to normal service as soon as possible. The Corporation appreciates and thanks its customers for their loyalty and patience.

News date : 08/09/2022    Category : Business, Public Works/Infrastructure

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