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May 22, 2022

Nurses deserve more than just a “thank you” for all they contribute to the medical profession and the patients they care for 24/7. Bahamas Striping Group of Companies (BSGC) knows that appreciation is a good place to start.

As the company celebrates its thirteenth anniversary and in its continued commitment to giving back to the Bahamian community, BSGC plans to celebrate nurses and the work they’ve done during the pandemic and beyond, by treating three hundred (300) nurses to lunch at the end of the month at Manuelo’s Restaurant.

BSGC Managing Director, Dr. Allen Albury, indicated that it is an absolute privilege for the company to partner with the nursing community.

“What we do recognise at BSGC, is to whom much is given, much is required, and it has always been our mantra of giving back across the country, and we often overlook the contributions of so many who are out there on the frontline some of which have personal challenges, yet they have to deliver”, he said.

This initiative happens to coincide with International Nurses Month which is traditionally celebrated from May 6 to May 12 each year, is now a month-long celebration to expand opportunities to elevate and celebrate nursing.

Nurse Gina Dean, Acting Director of Nursing, expressed her gratitude to BSGC for reaching out to the nursing community.

“Over the last couple of years, we have demonstrated that there is so much value to being a nurse, and the profession, and to have a company remember us as nurses continue to make a difference while providing quality patient care, she said.

While administration of healthcare has always been a challenge for nurses and physicians, Dr. Dionne Dames, Internal Medicine Specialist, at The Princess Margaret Hospital indicated that she would like to applaud the nurses for all that they do, as they have been challenged over the last two years doing many things that most of the community is not aware of and they have truly been a pillar to our country during the pandemic.

News date : 05/22/2022    Category : Business, Press Releases

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