Bahamian Entertainer K.B. Releases New Music “I So Tired A Corona”

Thu, Jan 13th 2022, 04:27 PM

Bahamian entertainer K.B. has an innate ability to articulate the things that Bahamians think, feel and want to say in his songs. When the singer, songwriter and producer puts his pen to paper, he seizes the opportunity to craft lyrics directed at societal issues with his own brand of social commentary, that stirs conversation while simultaneously making us laugh, dance and sing.

In his latest song and music video entitled, “I So Tired A Corona”, K.B. chronicles the deep seated feelings of exhaustion residents in The Bahamas and people around the world are experiencing; simply put, we have “COVID fatigue”.

“I So Tired A Corona” is K.B.’s first release for 2022, and it is characteristic of the music that has made K.B. a fan favourite and undoubtedly the most popular entertainer in The Bahamas. The song was written during the country’s first lockdown, when curfews, masks and other restrictions were newly implemented and the world was hopeful that the first wave of the COVID pandemic would be dissipate quickly. The singer admits that he used the lockdown time as an outlet to write new music.

“I wrote a lot of music during the lockdowns, and I did release a few songs during that time as well. My last release happened during the Christmas holiday, it was a duet with Smooth T, an artist from Turks & Caicos called “Wine up on somebody.”

“I plan to release a full album in a few months. I’ve been very busy working, and I have a lot of new music. I wrote “I so tired a Corona” over a year ago and I wanted to release it now because it’s timely; the world needs it now because we are really tired of this pandemic!” Many Bahamian entertainers have been unable to work since the onset of the pandemic, which has brought festivals such as Regattas and Homecomings to a screeching halt, and eliminated their opportunities to earn revenue from live performances.

K.B. admits that he misses performing in front of live audiences and he used the down time to write music, which has been a therapeutic outlet for him.

“I used the time to create new music. I know musicians who play their instruments every day. Whether it’s the piano or the guitar, they play every day, they’re constantly touching their instrument. I’m the same way. My instrument is my mind and I write every day; it gives me solace.”

K.B is completing the production on his new album which is scheduled for release in the coming months, and he shared that the songs will be reminiscent of favourites like “Juicy Suzie” and “Coo Coo Soup”, promising to return to his skillful art of storytelling on his next project. For more information on new music and music video releases, follow K.B. on Facebook - KBBahamianEntertainer.

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