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July 23, 2011

Bahamian basketball officials were given a to do list that needs to be completed before the Caribbean Basketball Confederation Championships (CBC) tip off today.  Inspectors  from the International Basketball Federation of Americas (FIBA  Americas) expect all the wiring for the game and shot clocks, as well as the lights in the Kendal G.L. Isaacs  National Gymnasium to be working.

The court lines must be drawn and marked out to international standards with four locker rooms  in full operation. President of the Bahamas Basketball Federation (BBF) Lawrence Hepburn confirmed that technical persons were  assigned to deal with the issues they now face and that everything will be in order before the tournament officially opens. The  CBC for men will start at 1 p.m.

Hepburn said: "The inspectors were in this morning from FIBA America. They have instructed us on certain things that need to be brought up to international standards. Right now, we are trying to complete the list. But we are doing some general cleaning on the bleachers and floors. We are putting down markers and as fast as we put them down they are being erased or

"We  knew it would happen and it is happening, so it is really slowing us  down. We told them (ministry officials) that it is going to happen and create chaos. Now what is going to take place  is many things are going to be left undone. We didn't expect for this to happen and our guests to see.

"We  need four locker rooms for this championship. We are having to clear  out some of the things out of the offices that are basically storage rooms. We are having to ask them to move the  things today because we want to be set up by tomorrow. We are still moving equipment and old rubbish from these rooms to try  (to) access and create additional (space)."

Apart  from the gym's preparation challenges, the federation has now found  itself in a little financial hole. The estimated cost for hosting the two tournaments is more than $300,000.  Rendering some assistance was Royal Bank of Canada.  A grateful Hepburn encouraged other corporate companies to come forward and  that no contribution is too small. The BBF is preparing for the CBC for women, which is set for August 3-7 in New Providence.

"Other than that, financially, we still have outstanding debts," said  Hepburn. "Money is trickling in really slowly and the expenses are accelerating. We have the people here, that is  expenditures because they are moving back and forth but yet the tournament has not started. So we have the teams and delegates in  place and everything is taking shape.  

 "Some  sponsors are beginning to think that it is too late to get on board but  that is not the case. What we had anticipated with some sponsors, those didn't materialize. That is what happens  in these situations, people have the best intentions but due to their circumstances they are unable to follow through. But  at the moment, we are asking the general public to come out and give their support by attending the games. That will  assist us with hosting the ladies' tournament.

"At this tournament some fine basketball games and players will be  competing. I watched the teams practice this morning and they look good. They are comparable and in some cases bigger than  us. The talent is there for The Bahamas' team who is defending home court. The challenge to them is to win this competition like  we have done in the past."  Tickets are now on sale at $7 and $3. The BBF has certain special packages available. Enquires can be made at the main office
inside the national gymnasium.

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