Dr. Myles Munroe Mentee Pastor Kersch Darville Sees Writing Books As A Means To Help Guide People

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July 26, 2021

Bahamian author of over 50 books, Dr. Myles Munroe’s legacy lingers on in the hearts of his mentees. Anyone sitting under the late Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International and highly sought-after motivational speaker Dr. Myles Munroe would attest to his unrelenting encouragement of anyone within earshot to write a book. Dr. Munroe believed that everyone had a story to tell, and if they sat under his ministry for a time, they would have a message to share. Mentored by both Dr. Munroe and Dr. Richard Pinder, Pastor of BFM’s Fellowship, Kersch Darville has not only picked up the torch, but he is keeping it blazing with his book Kingdom Perspective published by Inspire Publishing (Bahamas).

After the tragic loss of his pastors, Pastor Kersch and the now Senior Pastor Dr. Dave Burrows has had to hit the ground running to ensure that the ministry’s mission was fulfilled. This was to preach the message of the kingdom of God and to fulfill the church’s mantra to: “Transform followers into leaders and leaders into Agents of Change.” Just when Pastor Kersch thought everything was leveling out, Covid-19 landed on their doorstep. He said, “the blight on our nation has affected our families in a number of ways. There is so much going on at various levels you sometimes wonder where the day went.” Pastor Kersch noted that it was not a complaint, rather an observation. It has caused him to be wise in disbursing his time to teach, counsel, and care for their members. “It’s amazing how rough circumstances can bring out the beast or the best in you,” Pastor Kersch suggested.

“Essentially, it’s our decision which one we choose to nurture.”

Asked what he believes his role is in bringing resolution to his members, Pastor Kersch noted that it was not just their members that he was concerned about but also the nation. Our members have families who have families, you touch one, and there is a ripple effect felt by all. He said he had to be wise and strategic with bringing solutions to the fore. With the limited time in a given day to counsel, teach, administrate and still be a husband and father, he found the need to pour out once again. Just as Dr. Myles Munroe suggested. He noted that the kingdom message was vital at this time. It applies to our lives in every area. “I have several books on the drawing board awaiting release. These books will help readers beyond the four walls of our fellowship but will particularly help those listening to our messages.

Fellow author, minister, and Curriculum Consultant Dr. Lucille Richardson said, “Kingdom Perspective defines kingdom principles with depth and insight, empowering the believer to make that distinct lifestyle a reality. This book definitely provides a new perspective on what it means to see life through a Kingdom lens.”

Pastor Kersch Darville is married to Pastor Suzette Darville, who leads the Women’s ministry at Bahamas Faith Ministries on Carmichael Road. The couple has two children. Kingdom Perspective can be found on Amazon.com in paperback and eBook formats. It is also available locally at the Oasis Bookstore at BFM.

News date : 07/26/2021    Category : Press Releases

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