FNM poll gives approval lead for PM over Davis

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July 22, 2021

THE Free National Movement commissioned an internal poll that it says shows Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis leading Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis in approval ratings.

According to a memo obtained by The Tribune, Ragnar Research Partners conducted 400 interviews between July 1 and July 6 by live telephone operators and asked the respondents if they approve or disapprove of Dr Minnis and Mr Davis.

According to poll results, 54 percent of Bahamians approve of Dr Minnis while 37 percent disapprove of him; 24 percent of Bahamians approve of Mr Davis while 47 percent disapprove.

Twenty-nine percent of people strongly approve of Dr Minnis; 24 percent not so strongly approve of him; ten percent “don’t know”; 16 percent not so strongly disapprove of him and 21 percent strongly disapprove of him, according to the FNM’s internal poll results.

Twelve percent strongly approve of Mr Davis; 12 percent not so strongly approve of him; 29 percent don’t know; 19 percent not so strongly disapprove and 29 percent strongly disapprove of him.

Respondents were also asked who they trust more on the country’s response to COVID-19: Dr Minnis and the FNM, or Mr Davis and the PLP. Forty-three percent said “definitely Minnis”; 12 percent said “probably Minnis”; 27 percent “don’t know”; six percent said “probably Davis”; and 12 percent said “definitely Davis,” according to the poll.

The pollsters said: “Quotas on age, gender, ethnicity and region were used to ensure a representative distribution. The study’s margin of error is five percent.”

The poll comes as some in the Free National Movement suspect Dr Minnis will call an early election. Dr Minnis is said to be buoyed by the internal poll results and the FNM is expected to put the leadership battle between him and Mr Davis at the front and centre of their campaign. The party is said to be planning a short but vigorous campaign.

No public polls relating to the next election have been released to date.

Joey Gaskins, senior partner of Open Current, a research and government public relations firm, said yesterday that as with public polls, the methodology of internal party polls must be carefully scrutinised.

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News date : 07/22/2021    Category : Politics, Tribune Stories

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