Bahamian Author Stephany Coakley Pens Inspirational Children’s Book ‘Tye The Dreamer’

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December 10, 2020

At a time when dreams about a bright future may seem pointless, author Stephany Coakley has released a new children’s book to inspire the young and young at heart to dream big.

Born and raised in Nassau, Coakley is excited to share this message with her Bahamian people.

"Coming from a small country doesn't limit you from having big dreams,” Coakley said. “Tye The Dreamer is an Inspirational Children’s Book about a daddy’s girl with big dreams.”

This children’s book is dedicated to all dreamers who dare to dream, strive, fail, and persist in order to make their dreams a reality.

A beautiful brown girl, Tye loves her cat, her friends, and her community. She also lives with her loving father who loves and supports her dreams unconditionally. One day, her father gives her a gift, and they had no idea how the gift would influence her future.

Tye The Dreamer also celebrates the nurturing qualities of fathers and highlights the special relationship between fathers and daughters. This book is fun and lively and will motivate young readers to dream even when others may not believe in their dreams initially. This book is perfect for this time in history.

Tye The Dreamer is a book filled with beautiful illustrations by Dakotah Aiyanna who captures spirit and spunk perfectly.

Tye The Dreamer is available locally at John Bull Business Centre,, www.itasca.comand

Book cover, Tye The Dreamer 

Bahamian Author Stephany Coakley

News date : 12/10/2020    Category : About Bahamians, Books, Press Releases

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