GoThankYou: Online platform pays 200k to cover 'lost' Dorian donations

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February 21, 2020

CROWDFUNDING giant GoFundMe will donate more than $200,000 to the HeadKnowles Foundation, signalling its support for Gina Knowles as she tries to recover funds from charity co-founder Lia Head-Rigby. Mrs Head-Rigby, who split from the charity last September, withdrew funds that she did not send to the foundation as mandated, according to Bobby Whithorne, director of GoFundMe’s North America communications. His statement to The Tribune came after Ms Knowles sued Mrs Head-Rigby and her husband in Florida, alleging they have withheld Hurricane Dorian GoFundMe donations. Mrs Head-Rigby has denied the allegations in the lawsuit saying her “hands are clean”. The GoFundMe campaign attracted nearly $1.5 million in donations since the deadly September storm.

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News date : 02/21/2020    Category : Hurricane, About Bahamians, Accident/Emergency, Community/Charity, Crime, Disputes, Press Releases, Tribune Stories

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