Darkies Remark Forces Apology

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February 12, 2020

A PLP official has issued a public apology after coming under fire for controversial remarks about “darkies” she made at a PLP rally on Monday night. While introducing PLP Senator Dr Michael Darville at the party’s campaign launch on Monday night, PLP National Vice-Chair Patricia Deveaux bragged about the party having attractive members, rather than a “bunch of darkies.” “We have a real doctor coming down tonight. He’s another light skin, handsome, curly-haired fella,” she said. “You see we have plenty nice looking people here in this party. We don’t have a bunch of darkies all over the place heating up the place.” A video of her comments immediately went viral on social media prompting an apology from Mrs Deveaux, as well as a statement from PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis. “The public is advised that I have seen the unqualified apology issued by PLP National Vice Chair Patricia Deveaux for comments made at a PLP sponsored public meeting,” he said.

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News date : 02/12/2020    Category : Disputes, Politics, Tribune Stories

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