130 years of Catholic education

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November 04, 2019

St. Francis School, the first Catholic institution in The Bahamas opened its doors with a 15-strong cohort of students. Today, the Catholic Board of Education (CBE) celebrates its Founder’s Day and 130 years of Catholic education in The Bahamas, with enrollment in CBE schools at 2,500 and which rises to 3,300 with the inclusion of enrollment at St. Augustine’s College (which does not fall under the CBE), but excluding populations that would have been enrolled at the hurricane ravaged Abaco schools of St. Francis de Sales and Every Child Counts, and boasting an alumni community of thousands. Among the rich legacy of thousands of people who have received a Catholic education is Sister Annie Thompson, who received most of her primary education at St. Francis & Joseph School and rose to the top post at the lower school where she served as principal for three years.

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News date : 11/04/2019    Category : Education, Nassau Guardian Stories

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