A government prone to unforced errors

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July 11, 2019

This FNM government regularly commits unforced errors. Even when making right, if difficult decisions, it manages to get a “fly in the ointment”.

The relocation of the General Post Office is but one example.

The need to relocate the General Post Office became critical several years ago. The PLP government stumbled between possible alternative sites but took no final decision. The government was voted out of office, leaving post office staff in a dilapidated building confronted daily by very real health and safety hazards.

In government, the FNM too struggled to find a site for the post office. It first announced its relocation to a Gladstone Road location before concluding that the Town Centre Mall, a site previously considered by the PLP government, was the better site.

There was a BIG complication, however.

The owners of the mall are Brent Symonette and his family; Symonette is an FNM member of Parliament and was a member of Cabinet.

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News date : 07/11/2019    Category : About Bahamians, Politics, Nassau Guardian Stories

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