Bahamas Waste Engages Community Partner For Successful Island Cleanup Campaign

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January 02, 2018

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Voltar's Volunteers - Volunteers from the Voltar's World Service Club joined forces with Bahamas Waste and other partners to clean up communities in the Marshall road area.
New Providence, Bahamas –As the island of New Providence has undergone major developments, populations have shifted with communities springing up in areas where they did not previously exist; creating the need for more effective waste management solutions. Voltar’s World, a new service organization targeting inner city communities, has joined forces for ‘Project: Exterminate the Waste’ along with Nassau’s leading waste management company, Bahamas Waste. 

Hard at Work - Volunteers took to the streets last weekend for the first in what is expected to be a series of cleanup efforts targeting growing communities across the island.

“The idea for our club started with a livestream show, and grew into a way for us to really help the community” explained President and founder of Voltar’s World, Craig Lowe. “We wanted to break the status quo and start the conversations that would bring about change.” The clean-up campaign, was born out of a collaboration with other service organizations whose efforts have focused heavily on coastal communities, prompting Voltar’s World to shift its focus more inland, starting with the Marshall Road area. “Unfortunately, we’ve seen so muchwaste generated in that area; so much so that it has become more like a second dump” lamented Lowe. “With two schools in the area, the area is a fast growing community with young families, we wanted to keep that community from becoming an eyesore”.

Heavy Lifting - The Cleanup crew did not shy away from the heavy lifting. The group was able to fill a large dumpster provided by Bahamas Waste.

Last weekend, teams of volunteers took to the streets assisted by Bahamas Waste and other community partners. Armed with protective gear, cleaning supplies and a large dumpster, which was provided by Bahamas Waste, the teams dug in to begin the effort. “We are very pleased to be part of this initiative,” explained Operations Manager at Bahamas Waste, Ethelyn Davis. “It’s great to see young person’s taking the time to help their community, it was a no-brainer to help them and help clean up this area, especially during this holiday season.” 

Clean up efforts in the Marshall road area last weekend uncovered trash of all kinds ranging from car parts, old furniture and even broken ceiling fans

Clean-up efforts lasted for much of the afternoon with volunteers able to retrieve and dispose of items ranging from old furniture, discarded car parts and much more. “We’re looking forward to a continued partnership” said Davis. “We understand that Voltar’s World is committed to continuing this project and we encourage residents to also participate in ensuring that we can exterminate the waste in our various communities”. Voltar’s world was founded with the intention of addressing societal issues and is open to all individuals over the age of 18. Persons interested in becoming a part of the service organization can send their expression of interest to or follow the club’s activities via social media at

News date : 01/02/2018    Category : Community/Charity

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