The Bahamas National Youth Choir-Sonovia Pierre

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November 13, 2017

The Bahamas National Youth Choir will premiere a choral work composed by alumnus Sonovia Pierre at its 9th Annual Christmas concert. Ms. Pierre is an active participant of the arts community and is a former music teacher, who has taught at all levels in the government school system as well as lecturing part-time at the University of The Bahamas in Bahamian Music Folklore and Culture. In collaboration with Dr. Christy Lee, Sonovia will be a presenter at the 2018 American Chorale Director’s Association on the theme ‘Exploring Chorale Music of The Bahamas’.

Pierre, an A.F. Adderley High School graduate, obtained an associate’s degree in music at the University of The Bahamas. Subsequently, with the aid of a Lyford Cay Foundation scholarship, she attended Florida Atlantic University and received a bachelor’s degree in music education and a teacher certification. Later in her career Pierre applied for the Harry C. Moore Memorial Scholarship and was able to obtain a master’s in music education from Vandercook School of Music in Chicago.

The choral work is entitled ‘the Christmas Psalm’ is based on the liturgical readings for Christmas day. When asked what inspired her to write the piece she stated, “The Hamilton Children’s Choir visited The Bahamas last year and their performance was so profound and awe-inspiring I tried to replicate that experience. The Christmas liturgical text gives way to understanding such mysteries of our faith. Since last year, The Bahamas has experienced devastating hurricanes, increased crime but this song seeks give hope and spread love.”

“As with most of my writing process”, she continued, “I composed it and then left it for a long while then revisit the piece with a fresh view of the harmonies. The pure tunes of the National Youth Choir made the work an easy addition to their repertoire.” The Concert will be held Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 at Trinity Methodist Church, Downtown- Nassau, The Bahamas.

Former Alumnus of The Bahamas National Youth Choir will premier choral work at the choir’s Annual Christmas Concert.

News date : 11/13/2017    Category : About Bahamians, Press Releases

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