Meet the Committee Members of The Le'Chic Productions/T. Z.'s Bayview Lil, Junior & Miss Fox Hill Enrichment Pageant in Honour of Dr. Jacinta Higgs

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October 18, 2017

The Le’Chic Production /T. Z’s Bayview Enrichment Pageant is a non-profit organization which means the Committee Member are not paid.

The committee members are made up of nine individuals who are passionate about making a difference, building and changing lives within their Fox Hill Community.

The committee members are responsible to ensure that each contestants experience within this Enrichment Pageant is one that will last them a life time.

Committee members take on the responsibilities as legal guardian when a parent or a chaperone is unable to make it to practice or any of the outings with their child. There are times when committee members are picking up and dropping of contestants, because they believe in this program, and desires only see it be a great success.

Get to know some of our Committed Committee Members: 

Mrs Sonia Kemp is a proud Foxhillian. She is a wife and the mother to three lovely children. Her hobbies include reading fishing and traveling around the world. She is the Author of the book ''LORD DONT LET HIM DIE'' a book in memory of her dear son Shaquille. She works at the Fox Hill Urban Renewal Center, where she serves her community with pleasure. But her greatest joy is being a child of the king.

Mrs. Sophia Moss moved into Fox Hill after marrying a Foxhillian. She’s a mother of three, one being the now reigning Miss Fox Hill. Mrs. Moss is dedicated to her family and their wellbeing but finds the time to assist wherever possible to the development of the Fox Hill Community. She serveS not only on the Pageant committee, but also on the Fox Hill Festival Committee, and She stands behind the belief that “If you put God first, all things will work out for your good”.

Monique Russell is a mother of three, hardworking and a determined individual. She has spent 14 years working at the Princess Margret Hospital before moving to the United States for 11 years where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree within the Health Care profession and worked at a fortune five hundred company- Quest Diagnostics Miramar. Mrs. Russell moved back to the Bahamas after getting married, where she obtained a job with the Registrar General's Department. She loves working with young women and men to help improve their social and academic skills, to empower them to better and great leaders in their communities.

Samantha Lewis is a pleasant but no-nonsense person. She is a fair person and loves empowering and impacting the lives of young people. Mrs. Lewis believes that purpose and potential is very important to success, and she’s a baker and enjoys doing it.

Lil Maltese Lewis is a thirteen year old, filled with energy and an exciting young lady. She’s the granddaughter of Mrs. Maltese Davis and she is a part of the choreography team to ensure that the contestants know the routine for the opening dance. Lil Maltese is always laughing, she loves dancing and working with her peers. Her motto is that “We all have dreams. No matter our age, we always reach for the stars”.

Asa Thompson is a happy going person, he is very creative, loves to cook, read and travel. Asa has his certification in Culinary Arts, Interpretation and African History and Tour guide. He has two up and coming businesses, “Elegant Floral Design and Asa’s Catering”.

For more information about The Le'Chic Productions/T. Z.'s Bayview, Lil, Junior & Miss Fox Hill Enrichment Pageant, visit our facebook page.

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