Julien Believe taking Bahamian music to new heights

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November 28, 2016

Bahamian recording artist Julien Believe has been very busy this year, performing locally, regionally and internationally, creating new music, pushing and expanding his brand and working on his new album. He is also one of the new faces of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company as a brand ambassador.

During a recent interview with Pulse, Believe expressed excitement about his latest two singles.

"One I've most recently performed at the official opening of the University of The Bahamas and on the show Bahamas at Sunrise. It is an uplifting and inspirational song titled "I Believe in You", that tugs at the hearts of all who hear it. My goal is to send a positive message during a really interesting time, not only for us as a country, but the world at large."

Believe's second single was created with some of his international partners for the carnival circuit, titled "Rolling It".

"I can't wait for you guys to hear this," he said. "Stay tuned, the album will be released next year."

Believe's focus is not just on pushing his music at home, but beyond in the international market. His ultimate goal is to take The Bahamas to the world, to put it on the musical map, to make this archipelago a viable and respected contender in the global music industry. Every show he is involved in, every performance he puts his heart and soul into, every relationship he builds, is in aid of that goal.

Part of that process involves teamwork and comradery among musicians.

"That would be a good starting point. I'm still working with my Caribbean brothers Ricardo Drue, Fadda Fox, and Beenie Man to push the song 'Party Ambassadors'. We have performed the song throughout key places on the carnival circuit. I'm also working with a few new persons, you have to keep watching to see who they are."

Believe is currently in the Cayman Islands performing with artists King Bubba and Ricardo Drue during Pirates Week, a festival that celebrates that nation's vibrant pirate history. Believe has been traveling across the Caribbean and the United States over the past few months performing non-stop, pushing his brand and spreading the word about his music.

"I've touched Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Key West, etc. I was in Miami during Miami Carnival Week for all the Carnival festivities," he said. "I have most recently performed at the University of The Bahamas' opening event on campus. That was such an amazing experience, being able to share one of my new songs 'I Believe In You' with the crowd."

Believe expressed the view that Bahamian artists should be taking greater advantage of opportunities in the regional market.

"There is definitely a market for Bahamian artists regionally. We just need to be willing to put in the hours, dedicate the time and continue to push and not give up. It's all about believing you can achieve and accomplish your goals."

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News date : 11/28/2016    Category : Entertainment, Music, Nassau Guardian Stories

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