'No evidence' of rape at resort

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November 24, 2016

A RESORT in the Lucaya area of Grand Bahama has responded to an alleged rape that was posted on Facebook by a couple who were guests at the property almost two months ago.

The general manager of the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach told The Tribune yesterday that the couple were guests on September 30 and the resort was aware that the rape allegation was posted on social media.

The hotel executive said that police investigations were conducted and there was no evidence found of any such incident having occurred at the resort.

In the post, the couple said they eloped while staying at the resort, and were married on the beach. The man claimed that his new bride was allegedly raped in their guestroom after he had gone out to the bar to get some celebratory drinks. On his return to the room, he claimed that he saw a member of the security staff open the door and allow some other people go into the room and they raped his wife. He claimed that the perpetrators jumped over the deck railing and ran across the beach and escaped.

The general manager said that when such claims are made it is unfortunate, not only for the hotel, but also for The Bahamas.

“An investigation was held and we have a final police report that there is no kind of evidence about a rape. There was a medical report to the person involved and there was no kind of evidence of rape and or sexual activity,” the general manager said. “They created a Facebook page and this kind of thing is not positive about the island.”

The manager said that personnel encounter all different kinds of people at the resort. When asked about a complaint of bed bug infestation, the executive said they follow strict cleaning procedure.

“We have a company that makes regular fumigation and we have all our inspection licences where we follow a strict programme of cleaning all public areas and guestrooms daily. We adhere to strict rules and procedure about health and safety here,” the executive said.

By Denise Maycock, Tribune Freeport Reporter

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News date : 11/24/2016    Category : Court, Crime, Tribune Stories

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