Volunteers in Florida send supplies to help

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October 19, 2016

Members of the Lend A Hand Bahamas team, who loaded up a 40-foot shipping container to send to The Bahamas.

LAST week, in a matter of only four days volunteers from Lend a Hand Bahamas in south east Florida collected supplies to fill a 40-foot shipping container to be sent over to The Bahamas to aid in the relief effort post Hurricane Matthew.

“We loaded up tarps, food, thousands of water bottles, 30,000 bars of soap, building materials/supplies, clothing, chain saw, and many other items,” said Lucas Metropulos, president of Lend a Hand Bahamas.

“The supplies will be dispersed by Lend a Hand Bahamas in conjunction with the Salvation Army this week. The container was graciously provided by Christos Tsavoussis and shipped by Laser Freight to Nassau.”

Lend a Hand Bahamas is also in the process of organising a potential second container to be sent to Grand Bahama next week, Mr. Metropulos said.

According to its website, Lend A Hand Bahamas is a Bahamian non-profit organisation that seeks to bring more activities and opportunities to disadvantaged areas of The Bahamas.

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News date : 10/19/2016    Category : Community/Charity, Tribune Stories

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