Solomon's Lucaya sees success with in-store health seminar

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September 19, 2016

Solomon's Lucaya shoppers at Let's Talk Health, Ask The Doctor in-store seminar with Dr. Monique Pratt.

During Solomon's Lucaya's "Let's Talk Health" series held last month, local physician Dr. Monique Pratt answered one-on-one questions from participants in the free, in-store session.

Saturday shoppers took full advantage of the opportunity to chat about common health issues including hypertension, diabetes and obesity at the Ask The Doctor presentation. Dr. Pratt, a specialist in internal medicine & nephrology, gave preventative tips attendees could incorporate into their daily lives. She advised on topics from dietary changes to the importance of having an open line of communication with primary physicians.

More than 25 persons filled the area to hear the presentation. One customer described the event as "very informative and timely. This is an ideal method of informing the wider community on preventative measures and I hope there will be more in the near future".

Event organizer and Marketing Assistant at Solomon's Lucaya Charlene Harding said the forum is a part of AML Food Limited's commitment to providing outlets for the community to improve their quality of life.

"At AML Foods, we value our customers and consider their health very important," she said. "Our patrons responded well to the event and were able to gain valuable insight from Dr. Pratt's presentation. Based on the feedback, we now know that there is a need for knowledge like this in the community."

The next free in-store health seminar is scheduled for October and will focus on cancer. To reserve your spot at the session, contact Charlene Harding at or telephone 242-688-8217/727-4035.

Dr. Monique Pratt, a specialist in Internal Medicine & Nephrology, took one-on-one questions from participants in the free, in-store session at Solomon's Lucaya.

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