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September 08, 2016

The junction of Cowpen Road and Maria Drive. (Photo: Valden Fernander)

THE New Providence pothole plague, the scourge of motorists throughout the island, continues to anger and frustrate residents with some “craters” in the road causing damage to cars.

The Tribune has been out and about, responding to complaints from readers, and photographing the terrible state of the roads, some of which have been left unfilled after corporation works.

Breadfruit Street in Pinewood Gardens. (Photo: Valden Fernander)

One resident of Breadfruit Street, Pinewood Gardens, complained that for the past few months, the Water and Sewerage Corporation has been doing work in the Pinewood area. The ‘craters’ existing before that exercise have been made worse. “It seemed as if every two weeks they would return and dig up another portion of the road,” the resident said. “There were times that residents would have to park on the main road and walk to their respective homes.

“Furthermore, they do not even try to patch up any of the old or new holes and craters they create. Only after I spoke with an employee at Ministry of Works (Road Maintenance/Repair) about two weeks ago, someone came and patched some of the holes with just curry/dirt. We all know that that is not a good idea as anytime it rains, that would just be washed away.

A deep pothole at the end of Deveaux Street which catches motorists turning onto and off East Bay Street. (Photo: Valden Fernander)

Large potholes at the junction of Sisal Road West and Blue Hill Road South in Golden Gates. (Photo: Valden Fernander)

“Thus the craters are reappearing. I would appreciate if Water and Sewerage would do whatever they have to do at one time and stop continuously ‘re-digging’ the roads and the entire street needs to be stripped and repaved now. No government agency pays for brakes and shocks etc. We have to drive on this street every single day. The dust issue on that street is another story due to the continuous Water and Sewerage ‘re-digging’.

Other areas that have attracted complaints are Cowpen Road, by the junction with Maria Drive, where Sisal Road meets Blue Hill Road in Golden Isles and in the Ridgeland area by East-West Highway. There it is not just potholes but unfinished road repairs. And not far from The Tribune’s office, a huge hole has been opening up for weeks at the junction of East Bay Street and Deveaux Street which forces drivers to manoeuvre around it.

Ridgeland near East-West Highway. (Photo: John Arty)

The Tribune has been drawing attention to areas that are being neglected, or are unsightly, unhealthy and being ignored by the relevant authorities, whether they be potholes in the road, uncollected garbage or abandoned cars.

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News date : 09/08/2016    Category : Disputes, Roadwork, Tribune Stories

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