Woman was involved in violent attack on man who later died, court hears

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February 10, 2016

A witness testified yesterday that a woman played a part in a violent attack on a man that prosecutors say caused his death. Prosecution witness Kizzy Brown said she saw Alexia Bain, whom she referred to as "Lexi", hit the man, Akeem Ramsey, across the head with a two-by-four plank of wood on December 19, 2012. Bain, Deangelo Sands and Daniel Sands, who are on bail, have denied the murder charge at their trial before Justice Guillimina Archer.

The incident allegedly happened near the Mad Men Liquor Store on Carmichael Road. Brown said she was at the bar but went across the street to purchase a phone card. After completing her transaction, Brown said she encountered Ramsey, who was bleeding from the head.

Brown said she laid Ramsey on the ground near a cooler by a gas station. She said when she returned Ramsey was by a shoe store. She alleged that she was holding Ramsey when Bain struck him in the head.

Brown said she asked Bain what had happened. Although Brown was unable to recall the exact words of Bain's response, she said Bain said Ramsey "had done something to her baby daddy". After Bain allegedly hit Ramsey, she was placed in a police car, Brown said.

Brown said she left Ramsey with friends as she went searching for his mother. She said when she returned, Ramsey had moved again. This time, she said, Ramsey was on the ground by the bar. She said that "people were fighting him", so she covered Ramsey with her body. As a result, she said she got "burst up too".

The case continues today. Monique Gomez, Dorsey McPhee and Keith Seymour represent the defendants. Kendra Kelly is the prosecutor.

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News date : 02/10/2016    Category : Court, Crime, Nassau Guardian Stories

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