The Day it Snowed in The Bahamas

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January 19, 2010

Yes, it has snowed in The Bahamas, 33 years ago as of today.

Snow fell on The Bahamas and much of Florida on January 19, 1977 during a bitterly cold winter for the eastern United States.

The snow was part of a record-setting winter that cost Florida millions in damage to crops.

Although snow had been reported in Florida before, that was way back in 1899, and it had never gone as far south as Miami.

Then, at 6.10am on January 19th, West Palm Beach reported snowflakes. Soon after, Miami forecasters used a word that had never been part of their report before - snow.

As the snow – an ice and rain mix – continued south, Grand Bahama made similar reports of light snowfall and rain.

In South Florida, small crystals coated palm leaves and children's tongues but did not reach a measurable height. Despite the short life of the storm the event received wide coverage and was splashed across the Miami Herald in a Headline that read "Snow Falls on S. Florida".

Although Miami International Airport did not report snowfall, there was evidence of it on their radar and sightings on Miami Beach. Fort Lauderdale International Airport reported snow and so did witnesses in Homestead, 23 miles southwest of Miami.

Geoffrey Greene, a senior officer at the Meteorological Office, said the Grand Bahama snow was an extremely rare, maybe once in a lifetime event.

Greene said the chances of snow getting any further south were unimaginable. "There is just too much warm air for any cold system to compete with", he told Bahamas Local.

Read more about the unusual 1977 weather here.

News date : 01/19/2010    Category : Weather

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