U.S. Embassy Nassau Public Affairs Small Grant Application

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August 01, 2014

The Public Affairs Section has a small grants program designed to assist Bahamian organizations in carrying out programs directly related to increasing the capacity of Bahamian civil society to work in areas of mutual interest such as, youth leadership development, education, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, economic development, cultural exchange, and civic activism.

Strong proposals engage and inspire underserved Bahamian youth to be positive forces of change in their community; cultivate skill development; foster a sense of community among Bahamians; and help improve the bilateral relationship between The Bahamas and The United States of America. Applicants are encouraged to consider creative, original, and innovative activities designed to inspire and engage the Bahamian community.

Special consideration will be given to proposals that target youth populations throughout The Bahamas and use mass media and technology (i.e. broadcast, print, and/or social media).

The majority of these small grants are US$5,000 or less.


Please answer all of the questions in the form, focusing on the impact your project will have in your community.

You may include additional relevant information if you do not have enough space on this form.

Keep a copy of your completed application for your records.

Completed application forms should be sent via e-mail to: NassauSmallGrants@state.gov


Name of Organization, club or individual requesting funds:

Name of the Organization’s Contact Person:

Address (street and P.O. Box):



What is the legal status and nature or type of the applying organization?

When was the organization established and how many members does it have?

What are the names, addresses and positions of the individual(s) who will receive funds and be accountable for their use?


1. Proposed Project title:

2. Description or summary of the proposed project:

3. What is the projects goal(s)?

4. What are the project’s objectives and learning outcomes? (These must be clearly stated, time bound and measurable.)

5. What is the timeline for this project? (When will the activities begin and when will they end?)

6. How, or at what level, will the community be involved?

7. Who is your target population?

8. How many people do you expect to benefit from this project? And in what way?

9. What will be the final outcome or result of this project?


What is your project budget? Please be as specific as possible with regard to your anticipated costs to be financed. Refer to our example.

What is the amount requested from the Public Affairs Small Grants Program?

How will your organization handle funding for recurrent or follow-up costs once the project is completed?

Please list what other organizations or institutions have been contacted for assistance and what is the status of these requests? (These may include requests for funds or for in-kind support, such as meeting space, printers, volunteer time, etc.)

Proposals should be submitted by email to NassauSmallGrants@state.gov with the subject line PAS GRANT PROPOSAL No later than 5pm on August 18, 2014

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