Citizens' Review Episode 8 Season 4

Show Title: Natural Resources
Erin Ferguson, Host & Executive Producer
Citizens’ Review to the People:
Dangerous Information Dissemination
Letters to the Review (2):
Fan Rebuttal of Rude and Disrespectful Claims
Kerzner –Atlantis 2.6B Debt Called in on Friday, September 9th, 2011
Zhivargo Laing, Minister of Finance
Natural Resources:
Aragonite: Dillingham Company (Hawaiian) – 1970 Dredges 15B worth of Aragonite from Ocean Cay
Source of Calcium Carbonate, used in Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Water Treatment, Etc. “White Gold”
Lime Stone:
Freeport Aggregate: Brent Symonette?
Bahama Rock: Martin Marietta – 1B in Annual Profit
Oil: Bahamas Petroleum Company, Drilling in South Andros “Black Gold”
Salt: Salt Flats – Morton’s in Inagua
Oolitic Aragonite Deposits in the Bahamas
Liquefied Natural Gas
Salt Water Flats –Fly Fishing
Autec – Tongue of the Ocean, Submarine Testing, 12B
World’s Most Intricate Underwater Cave System, Fresh Water Lens –Damaged/Destroyed by Bahama Rock
700 Acre Grape Fruit Farm, Andros
Clean Energy
Citizens’ Arrest: “Don’t Know” Politicians, “Don’t Want to Know” Bahamians

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