Citizens' Review Episode 9 Season 3

Show Title: Mario Carey and Linda Osborn
Erin Ferguson, Host & Executive Producer
Mario Carey, President of R.E.A.C.H
Linda Osborn, Irlene Syndrome Diagnostician
R.E.A.C.H: Resources and Education for Autism and Related Challenges
Autism Awareness Month
Autism March April 2nd 2011 - Bay Street
Loretta Butler-Turner, Minister of Social Services
"Every Child Counts"
Irlene Syndrome: Processing problem of perception involving bright lights
National T-Shirt Day
Schooner Bay Spring Festival - April 16th 2011
Neko Grant, Minister of Works "Minister of Government Maintenance and Road"
FNM and PLP Road Works Isues
Grand Bahama Port Authority
St. George, Bubback, Hayward, and Rolle
Citizens' Arrest: Grand Bahama Port Authority

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