Citizens' Review Episode 16 Season 3

Show Title: Proper Journalism and Political Cables
Erin Ferguson, Host & Executive Producer
“[Bahamian] Journalists don’t ask questions” – Ken O’Bryant
Examples of Proper Journalism
United States Bahamian Cables –
“Fire Ferguson”
Cables: Corruption in Politics, “Questionable Funding Sources” 2002 campaign, Conscious of the Bahamian Politician, Hubert Ingraham and the Referendum as Political Strategy
PLP in theory and Reality, Perry Christie’s Duplicitous Nature
Hubert Ingraham and Brent Symonette, Tommy Turnquest and Brent Symonette
Promises: PLP – Health Care, FNM – Hospital [Grand Bahama]
Christian Council and the PLP
“Ambitious Incompetents” –Hubert Ingraham [Referring to Perry Christie’s Cabinet]
Citizens’ Arrest: Bahamian Journalism

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